Discovery Health Medical Aidhospital fees not paid

Please refer to email below regarding the claim for Parklands Hospital for MRs H Sukwa .

I called your call centre on 08 February 2016 and spoke to Nowazi and some other person who advised i do not need pre authorisation as this is a day procedure and if my mum needs to stay overnight the hospital will call for authorisation.
I was further informed that i only needed to pay the co payment.

Discovery has even made payments for the maxillofacial – Dr V Amaidas and the anesthetic – Dr Edington, this is beyond my understating that the claim for the hospital is rejected.

Please forward me recordings of my call to Discovery and i will also request the recordings from my IT department as our calls are also recorded.

No mention was made regarding the funding of this procedure. We were informed because it is considered ‘dentistry’ we are required to pay in the co-payment.

Very disappointing and unprofessional.
i have also emailed the recording of my call and no response

Apr 12, 2016

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