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Over 6 weeks ago, I requested my discovery credit card to be closed. I was requested to fill in a closure form and email this through, which I did. I was then informed that because I have a credit on the account, I would be required to fax through the closure request. Again, this I promptly did (20-july-09). Since then nothing has been done, all I receive is irritating, time wasting phone calls regarding delivery of my new cards (Which I don't want). Now, if discovery cannot close an account for a credit card, it makes one wonder, how on earth are you are managing your healthcare service. I have been a discovery member for years, I have had no complaints to date. It is sad that this one isolated incident will destroy the relationship. I want this account closed, surely this is not that difficult to do.

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  • Do
      Aug 30, 2010
    Discovery Health - I will not recommend discovery health to anyone
    Discovery Health
    United States

    I have been debited twice by discovery this month. So now I am out of pocket!!!

    My two options as given to me by discovery are:
    1. Call back after the 7th and then they can refund me after 3 days
    2. Go into my bank and they can sort it out for me!!!

    I have paid on time every month for years. Discovery make a mistake and now I must be inconvenienced. I have always recommended discovery despite people always moaning about them. Not only will I be cancelling my membership but I will never recommend them to anyone

    If they make a mistake they should refund you immediately!!!

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  • Tr
      Aug 31, 2010
    Discovery Health - doomed to die with expensive medical aid
    Discovery Health
    United States

    I have quite expensive medical aid cover from discovery health. I recently found that I have a life threating condition hyperthyroidism, this condition speeds up my nervous system and metabolism to dangerously high levels, I enquired at the discovery health call centre about whether this could be put on as a chronic illness benefit and they flatly turned me down saying car insurance also works on the same principle you pay and pay and when it's time to claim you get no joy.

    Question is hypothryoidism which is exactly the same condition but whether you thyroid is under active is covered as a chronic illness, medication is 1300 and my medical aid premium is 1800 a month for medical aid that's not aiding me... My funds have been dried up because they say hyperthyroidism is not a life long condition, only once it turns into hypothyroidism can they assist me! Is that the type of world we are living in? Only once I become a guarantee of life long illness and life long money in their pockets will they help.

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  • Sh
      Sep 02, 2010
    Discovery Health - quite simply i'm going to take my business elsewhere
    Discovery Health
    United States

    I have tried to regester for this card and for some absurd reason it requires you to input information despite the fact that you have already logged on and all your information is available. So I asked that someone call me and they did. I requested that the PIN get sent to my email address. Nothing. So I repeated the process and asked that the PIN get sent to my cellphone. Nothing.

    So although I'm being charged for the card on a monthly basis I'm not able to use it.

    Really frustrating and quite simply I'm going to take my business elsewhere.

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  • Hi
      Sep 13, 2010
    Discovery Health - discovery health not paying claims
    Discovery Health
    United States

    For the second consecutive year Discovery Medical Aid has “suspended” my membership WITHOUT reason. When pointed out that this was an administrative blunder from their side I was reinstated. This however resulted in them not paying out certain claims with the excuse every time that the expenses occurred during the “suspended” period. Despite regular visits for the past 6 months to their very friendly & helpful customer service department, the problem caused by an obvious very inefficient admin dept has still not been resolved. As the monthly premiums are being paid through our employer we also do not have the option of going to a more reputable Medical Scheme. Fortunately our employer has notified us that we will soon be given the option to use a Medical Scheme of our own choice. I can foresee an out flux of several hundred members from this Medical Scheme to a more reliable one.

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  • En
      Sep 16, 2010
    Discovery Health - are we paying instalments to cover other peoples illnesses
    Discovery Health
    United States

    What is the purpose of paying almost R4k a month for medical aid when what you actually need medical cover for the medical aid will not cover it like in the current age and times a laparascopy should be full covered by medical aid which it is not.. why is it a norm to have everyone med aid cover aids etc when we never have use of it.. but when we need to it have help remove something that is harmful to us is not covered.. are we paying instalments to cover other peoples illnesses????

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  • Gl
      Oct 11, 2010
    Discovery Health - I am horrified at the fact that dh has robbed me my own money for a membership I never has in the first place
    Discovery Health
    United States

    I Aug I decided to Join Discovery Health of which I chose the Coastal Core Benefit. So I became a member. A Colleague also wanted to join DH and she phone to find out about the Coastal Core benefit, only to be told that the benfit is applicable to persons who resides in Coastal Towns!.

    Firstly, there is NO mention of this in the Plan summary? Surely on my App form one can see by my address, workhome dialing codes I don't reside in any Coastal Town!. I then wanted to change the benefit originally chosen, only to be told to provide proof that I don't reside in any Coastal town!

    This was abit much so I decided to cancel the membership with immediate effect on the 071009. I though this was BAD service already!. My membership start date was the 011009 and on the 021109 DH has debited my bank account for R691.00 for a membership that I never had!

    How can I be sold the wrong plan and not even being a member for 6 days be held liable for a membership for Oct! What benefit did I receive!!? NOTHING! I demand that I am refunded the amount of R 691.00 immediately!

    I am horrified at the fact that DH has robbed me my own Money for a membership I never has in the first place!

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      Oct 11, 2010

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  • Mo
      Jan 17, 2011
    Discovery Health - carefull, they seem to unilaterally change terms
    Discovery Health
    United States

    I found that Discovery Card levies amounts on my account after not receiving staments for a while and six attempts to change address that were simply ignored. Interesting attitude they have now, because they have proof of sending the statements, albeit to the wrong address, I am deemed to have received them. So, in terms of their rule, I can pay money into any account, they will be deemed to have received it? 3 attempts at complaints, none the better due to them refusing to elevate the matter beyond the call centre and just giving pro forma answers. I have several times stated that I have not agreed to such new terms, and if I have, please give me proof. Needless to say, no proof is forthcoming - they try to refer to their unilateral terms on their website, but cannot prove that I ever agreed thereto nor that I was even aware thereof, especially those added after I initially signed the agreement with them. There was no such agreement for such fees between us as are being levied, and it was later unilaterally added to the contract. Duly that will entitle me to unilaterally change the terms as well, or what bush law system are they working on? Carefully check statements!

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  • Dr
      Jan 18, 2011
    Discovery Health - I have never had a worst experience before
    Discovery Health
    United States

    I do not understand why discovery cannot simply do a simple refund claim. If I am claiming money I paid cash to a service provider, why is discovery refunding the service provider and not me? Now I must go to the service provider and claim a refund? They claim they paid the service provider, 2months after I claimed for this amount. I have been sent in circles and circles and am now * off.
    Their systems and the service providers bank account do not show them refunding this amount to the service provider. They say I must deal with the service provider? How am I supposed to claim money discovery has no proof they paid and the service provider has not received?? Now its my problem? Really?
    Every single person I speak to there seems not to hear what I am sayin. First they say discovery paid the original claim in full. Then they claim it was paid on the 1st of march and maybe the system hasnt updated the claim. If a transaction done on the 3rd of march reflects... How can the one one the 1st of march not???
    They pay the hospital r22000 odd then go and reverse r26000 odd, then claim the hospital must refund me, when they have already shortpayed the hospital never mind a refund!!!

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  • Ho
      Feb 03, 2011
    Discovery Health - why am I punished for their 4 year old mistake
    Discovery Health
    United States

    I tried to claim back for a doctor's bill only to be shortchanged by nearly R400. This was because they made a billing mistake in 2017, allegedly paid me instead of the doctor, and now the remainder of that bill was deducted from my current claim. You would think that in 4 years I could have been informed about it. Furthermore, the allegation that I had been reimbursed (via e-mail) and the actual payment did not correspond. I was not warned about this at all and it was sprung upon me 4YEARS LATER. AN APOLOGY IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH. I have never been hugely impressed by Discovery and this cements it. If at all possible, I want to change medical aids. Pity my company will not pay their portion for another medical, but right now I am so angry I could not care. I will find a medical aid that is actually competent. What's the point of a movie card and food benefits when your MEDICAL AID cannot administer your MEDICAL BILLS!

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  • Bo
      Feb 05, 2011
    Discovery Health - discovery health consultants need training
    Discovery Health
    United States

    Took my little one to see his paediatrician without getting auth from the GP, subequently phoned discovery asking them if it's possible for them to refund me back my money, was advised that yes it can be done jus need to get auth from my GP...went to GP he told me he can't I must ask Discovery to give me a ref number for him to authorise, consultant by the name of amanda gave me her e-mail address to give to the GP if he insists on a ref number...GP e-mail her, did same on my side [Hidden Email] on the 01.03.10& 08.03.10 no response...phoned again think about five times being gived ref numbers ( REF NUMBER 1763119973, Ref number 176579896) and promises to return my call no one bothered. Guess what.. got a call from discovery today 08.04.10 to be told that they cannot refund me, Amanda was at fault etc...I feel Discovery should honor what their consultant advised me..'m taking this matter to the ombudsman and to any and every news paper who cares to listen...

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  • Ha
      Feb 13, 2011
    Discovery Health - no membership card after 6months
    Discovery Health
    United States

    I changed jobs in October 2017 and my new position meant changing my medical aid to Discovery. Its been six months and I am yet to receive my medical aid card and vitality card or any correspondence whatsoever from Discovery. the only contact I have with them is me paying them every month...

    I have in the past months called them three times to be told that my card will be re issued re ordered or whatever excuse. my in house administrator has also contacted them.

    this is such an inconvinience. I now hate discovery and I would have changed medical aids already but can only do it in January and am in the meantime still waiting for them to decide that I am worthy of their 'card' whilst they deem themselves worthy enough of my hard earned cash.

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  • Su
      Dec 14, 2011
    Discovery Health - claiming back
    discovery health
    South Africa

    I have a 3 yr old son who was admitted to hospital due to paralysis of the lower limbs . He had a operation early this yr and was diagnosed with a blood condition called Hystiocytosis x . 3 months later he was unable to walk . He needed an Mri scan done and DH refused to pay for this . I am toatlly disgusted by your company and medical team. You people seem to have no sence of humanity, leave alone common sence . How can a normal walking, talking child stop walking out of the blue . The doctors and hospitals had motivated for this scan to be done but it was useless . We however could bare to be kept in the dark and needed answers, thus paying for this scan ourselves . Now for the past 5 weeks I have been given the run around for my own money . Even your ""skilled""consultants dont have a clue about this claim . DH is just looking for excuses and loopholes . I want my money back, so get off your dam ### and do some freaken work for a change . I have never gotten feedback regarding this issue and have run out of patience now . It has to be paid from my hospital benefits because he was admitted in hospital for a week and due to Discovery not authorising this scan he had to be discharged to have it done privately .

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