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Discovery Channel / cancellation of mad dog made

1 Ephraim, UT, United States Review updated:

I thought Discovery channel was about science and technology yet you cancel a show that is that to make room for [censored] shows about non scientific nor educational crap. Mad Dog made was a great show that showcased the workings of a small family shop that took things to the next level and increased the items potential. If you cant support this type of programming then what a waste of a cable channel

Aug 23, 2018
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  • Jo
      25th of Aug, 2018
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    I agree. I loved Mad Dog Made!

  • Mi
      31st of Aug, 2018
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    Mad Dog Made was an absolute dumpster fire that should've never been greenlit in the first place. There was nothing scientific or educational about it, just another lame attempt by Kevin McClung to attain undeserved fame.

  • Br
      19th of Sep, 2018
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    Mad dog made was a joke, , , nothing he did was super secret mythical magic, , , take for example the AX he made. Nothing more than a re purposed ax head he had. the same type of ax head you can buy at a flea market for 20 bucks and then put a handle on it of Glass epoxy composite, or G10 as we in the industry call it, , or FR4 if your in the plastics industry..big Deal anyone can buy it and use it as a handle. In fact, , We Do. now lets move on to the Shotgun he fabricated. WOW, he can cut down a shotgun barrel and shorten a stock, , do a cut out put in a spanner nut and thumb tension nut to take the stock off and on. how many would you like . doesn't take any great skill to widen a ramp mag feed, and cut a barrel. Heck it wasn't even refinished or set up with a pair of ghost sights which would have provided a better sight pic than a bead sight, , , , wow Magic. I could go on and on but you get the drift. nothing McClung does is Proprietary, special or scientific. He does nothing anyone else cant do, , period. Im glad the show is cancelled because Kevin doesn't deserve accolades nor A SHOW. anyone WHO HAS BEEN ARRESTED and charged with Assaulting a woman like McClung has deserves nothing but jail time. Not a TV show. And any man who dupes, threatens and co-hearses women, family, friends, etc..deserves nothing. Why dont you folks call the NSW in Coranado and ask them why the SEAL contract was cancelled, do your homework. When you make Naval Knives and sell them to the public instead of fulfilling contracts, NSW doesn't like that, especially when your caught by NSW doing it, Real Genius at work there. In closing sorry DISCOVERY got taken like so many with McClung tales of valor but at least they DISCOVERED he is a Fraud and legend in his own mind and abuser of women and did the right thing.

    Brad Donnely

  • Te
      24th of Sep, 2018
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    @Brad Donnely You are dead on right about most of what you said, Kevin throws the word "proprietary" around often to mask how common much of what he does or uses really is. Most people in the industry can see right through it.

    You are inaccurate about one thing though & that is about the Navy SEAL knives and the reason for cancellation, so in all fairness to the truth, I will elucidate the facts; Kevin won the trials for the SEAL knife and on the spot gave them a quote for their costs, which was grossly under what he could possibly make them for, although he didn't realize it at the time. The Navy doesn't prepay for their orders, at least not for something like that, and Kevin didn't have the capital to buy as much steel, composite, etc necessary to fill the orders that were coming in. Since he was financially limited to buying smaller amounts of the supplies & consumables (deals on bulk rates are based on how much you buy at one time), he was paying barely below retail prices for his supplies. To finance making the SEAL blades, which were specially marked per their instructions, he made other numbered blades with completely different markings he sold to the public (which were never meant to fill the Navy's orders) to finance the blades he made for the Navy. What the Navy didn't realize at the time they made the deal with Kevin is that each and every one of the knives were handmade, not machine made like all of the other competitors in the trials, so production was inherently limited to what Kevin could do in a day & it was no where near what was expected. Also, because he under-bid so much, it literally cost him more to make the Navy's blades than they were paying by about $25 ea, which meant that he paid out of pocket for the privilege of filling the orders and all of that was financed by the civilian version of the blades he was working on simultaneously. It came as a huge relief when the Navy cancelled their orders and went with a company who made production knives (as opposed to handmade) and could finance/fill the orders quickly. Even though the deal he made with the Navy was a financial disaster, it put him on the map and instantly made him a world-renown celebrity knifemaker which he milked for all it was worth.

    All that said, he is never the less notorious for many criminal actions such as fraud, theft, perjury, assault, etc that are supported by plenty of evidence to include; police reports, court docs, hearing transcripts, email exchanges and recorded calls. They all prove how much of a maniacal and Machiavellian character he really is. The aforementioned proof & docs will be posted on in the very near future.

  • Te
      24th of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes

    Discovery channel needs to vet their prospective "stars" better. Kevin “Mad Dog” McClung is the poster child for Fraud. The following is all documented in court cases, emails, police reports, etc. All the documentation and transcripts mentioned below will soon be available on and as more information/proof is made available, it will be posted there.

    McClung was prepaid approx $30, 000 for knives he later refused to make despite email exchanges promising to make the blades. The buyer of those knives was a creditor in McClung’s fraudulent bankruptcy case (more on that later).

    McClung conducted an international auction on his forums,, to benefit a friend who needed surgery. A doctor in Germany won the auction, paid the money and then McClung refused to make and deliver the $4, 000 blade. Hundreds, if not thousands, of forum members were witness to this.

    McClung purchased a home in AZ and on the loan app he signed as the sole purchaser of the home, he claimed/signed (under penalty of perjury) that the value of his business was $2, 000, 000, that he had personal assets valued at $150, 000 and a firearms collection worth $50, 000. The app will be posted.

    In order to defraud creditors, McClung filed a fraudulent bankruptcy petition which got the US Trustee involved in an investigation. In his bankruptcy schedules, statements and tax return (all of which will be posted), he claimed he made $186 for the entire year! That’s not a typo, he actually claimed that. Eight months of his Chase Bank statements for that same year (which will also be posted) were given to the trustee to prove he actually made closer to $200, 000 and that he regularly made huge cash withdrawals, $67, 000+ of which was never accounted for by the trustees.

    The US Trustee conducted a 2004 Rule exam (a hearing conducted under oath, the transcript will be posted) on McClung. Under penalty of perjury, McClung claimed he had no idea the loan company would use the information on his loan app to consider whether or not to give him the home loan. He claimed the value of the business was actually much less than he testified to on the app. Real Estate Fraud?

    At the 2004 exam, McClung admitted the claimed income of $186 on his bankruptcy statements and schedules (as well as on his tax return) was incorrect, but blamed it on his bankruptcy attorney, Monte Allen Rich. The US Trustee pointed out that McClung signed all the bankruptcy docs as true and correct and also told him that if he was audited by the IRS (a creditor in this case), he would be in trouble.

    After the 2004 Rule exam on McClung and other 2004 exams on banks, his former shop landlord, etc. the US. Trustee filed an adversary complaint against McClung (which will be posted) detailing the fraud they discovered under the heading; “FACTUAL BACKGROUND”. As a result of their findings, the US Trustee’s adversary complaint listed the following;
    Count One
    Count Two
    Count Three
    FALSE OATH 11 USC 727 (a)(4)
    Count Four

    The 2004 Rule Exam on McClung is most entertaining. In it you’ll read his sworn testimony that even though he owned his business for over twenty years, he was only just beginning to understand the difference between gross and net. This statement coming from a “genius”?

    The January assault charges were not his first run in with the law regarding violence. There was an incident in Mississippi that later involved the police after McClung allegedly became extremely intoxicated and held several wedding party guests at gunpoint the night before McClung’s girlfriend’s son’s wedding. More will be posted on this incident as documents become available.

    McClung is a very dangerous man without remorse for any of the crimes he has committed, or the people he has stole from, abused, lied to, or financially/emotionally/physically injured. It is a shame, because he has the potential for great things, but he is his own worst enemy and while this show may have made him briefly more famous than he already was as a knifemaker, his actions will make him infamous and that’s what people will remember about him.

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