Dirt Devil Upright M103 Model / Horrible product, worse customer service

United States

I have had the WORST experience with Dirt Devil the last few months, I bought a Dirt Devil M103 Model (Upright) and within the first time trying to use it there was NO SUCTION, at all. I was baffled, but they told me to take it apart and clean everything thoroughly (it was brand new, why would it need to be cleaned?) But I did anyway, pulled everything apart, cleaned everything, I even cleaned the filter and let it sit overnight. Once it was all back together, there was still no suction. I checked the roller for thread or anything that would hinder the vacuum from working, and saw nothing. When I finally called Dirt Devil back, they put me on hold for almost an hour! By the time someone finally got to me I was beyond irate, they told me I could ship it in to them but I would have to pay for shipping. I just bought this BRAND NEW vacuum, and now you want me to pay 60$ to ship my NEW vacuum to the company? I was flabbergasted to say the least. Their level of commitment to the customer is beyond atrocious, and I will never EVER buy a Dirt Devil ANYTHING again, and I'll be telling this story to family and friends in hope to save them from an expensive headache.

Mar 22, 2013

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