DirectBuy, Minneapolis, Minnesota / Fradulent Marketing

Bloomington, United States

We got a call from a representative at directbuy offering us an opportunity to come see the great savings that they have to offer. I don't know where they got our name. We are building a house, do they actually go to places to see who has a permit issued to them? Anyway, we got sucked into going to a "presentation" to find out about the company. They put on a good show until the number gets involved. The cost is outrageous, over $5, 000.00 to join. After comparing costs on TV's, I could actually buy cheaper at best buy during a sale! Then when you tell them no, they go into different categories that would cost less for you, which there are then buying limitations on that tier group. After another "no", how about a 30 day FREE membership. After looking up furniture pricing, yea the price was good on the merchandise, but then add shipping, tax, handling and whatever extra hidden costs and the price is no cheaper. We had thought about doing the 30 day free, but there is a dollar cap and for the furniture we wanted we could only get 1 piece after all the hidden costs are added. Don't be fooled by the enthusiastic sales people, what sales person is not enthusiastic and cheery to get some money in their pockets. Go to the store and get a couch that's on sale and you will be better off!!! The atmosphere of the employees is not good either. What employee sits and talks on her cell phone at her desk? Maybe she was new and didn't know any better. Just a view of how the customer service probably operates. don't want to get involved.

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