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DirectBuy / Fraud

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There are probably thousands upon thousands of complaints on DirectBuy. I will add my two cents of how much of a scam they are reflecting the opinion of many.

Their membership fees are $5000 which they do not disclose till the end of a very boring, annoying presentation and tour that they make you take. Ok fine that is their business model and I will accept that. But they are fairly pushy when getting you to sign, essentially threaten you by saying you can never come back and sign up again for the next 5 years and in our case, we were mislead be a rep saying that their online website was getting a makeover and would give us access to all their products availabel in the catalogues.

Let me tell you, THAT IS NOT TRUE! They have the worst website and what they dont represent clearly is though you are getting products at the manufacturer's rate, they charge 8-16% in handling fees and then regular tax of 8% or so. So you might say well, that might not be too bad but wrong!

For the online generation thisis the WORST way to shop, you cannot find most products online, there inventory represented online is never up to date with pricing or pictures or product. You have to go in physically each time to possibly only one locaiton in your area, you cannot take friends/family for tehir opinions, you have to be married and only then get in, and after all that you are sifting through the most archaic way of shopping - physical catalogues that are such a STUPID way to shop in comparison with online shopping and using keyword searches.

DIRECTBUY IS A SCAM. Even if you see it in the catalogue, you hvae to search around all over teh place to find that product physically somewhere to get an idea of what it looks like and almost everytime you will find that same product online cheaper!! Online stores do not have the same overheards that are associated with physical storefronts and often times they will take a loss for volume sales which directbuy will not.

I do not forsee DirectBuy surviving the era of people shifting to far more sophisticated methods of online shopping - they are misrepresentative, pushy, they scam you into a decision of membership with little time to think it over and use pressure tactics, and in our case misrepresented the online functionalities, and if you are smart shopper you can find ANYTHING online cheaper than DirectBuy.


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  • Di
      19th of May, 2009
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    Yep...DirectBuy got us, too. I always thought we were wise consumers until this happened and we're out $6000.
    DirectBuy is a nightmare & scam.
    Help spread the word...
    A Federal Class Action lawsuit against DirectBuy has been filed by Izard Nobel LLP. Contact information is as follows
    Lead Attorney - Jeff Nobel
    email -
    toll free phone# - (800) 797-5499
    Please contact them so justice may prevail & we can get our hard earned money aka "membership fees" back.

  • Be
      5th of Aug, 2009
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    We were warned by friends that they were cheated out of about $5, 000 for a DirectBuy membership fee. They forked over all that money because DirectBuy told them that they would be able to buy things for their new home at the manufacturers' price -- at a 50% to 60% discount. Little
    did they know, after DirectBuy tacked on hefty shipping and handling fees, they were able to find most of the items for sale through DirectBuy at the same prices, if not lower prices, at retail stores like Lowes and Best Buy!!

    If you were scammed by DirectBuy, like my friends, you should contact the law firm Craig T. Matthews & Associates at or 937.434.9393. That law firm has sued DirectBuy before in both Ohio and
    Indiana (where DirectBuy's headquarters are located), and it's conducting an investigation about DirectBuy's misleading promises. If you want your membership fee refunded, you should contact Craig Matthews to pursue a class action case against DirectBuy. No matter what state you're from,
    his firm should be able to help you. Be warned!!

  • Su
      28th of Aug, 2009
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    Direct buy is not truthfull in disclosing Our Right To Terminate Membership. When I purchased my membership I asked my salesperson if I had three days a consumer to cancel. She told me NO the state of Michigan does not give the consumer the right to cancel, once you purchase the membership from the moment on you are a member. Well she lied, Michigan does have a right to cancel in three business days for consumers rather they initiate the sale or We initiate the sale. PLEASE don't get taken like me. Use your right as a consumer and cancel if you change your mind!

  • Lo
      16th of Aug, 2010
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    Direct Buy has [redacted] intercept consumer complaints. [redacted] then assures consumers that the highest levels of Direct Buy's leaders will address consumer complaints.

    This is false. Here is how Direct Buy Elmhurst addressed my concerns.

    I was in Germany mid-July, 2010 and my wife Vera could no longer live in a disheveled home waiting for Direct Buy's shipment of furniture. Vera called the showroom and announced that she was coming to talk with the company's leaders.

    One of these, apparently a partner in the business, a woman named "Miriam" met Vera at the showroom. Miriam stated that Vera was known to cause trouble and that Vera has upset all of the employees at Direct Buy in Elmhurst.

    Miriam raised her voice and told Vera, "You are going to have to go it alone."

    For the $5, 000 membership fee, this conduct was unacceptable.

    Vera confronted Miriam as to which employees complained of her and not one employee stepped forward. Therefore Miriam was lying in order to control Vera's behavior.

    This regulation of consumers is a hallmark of Direct Buy. Consumers who paid high prices and were mislead about the quality and availability of goods are muzzled either through global mechanisms like the intervention of Direct Buy in [redacted]'s listing of consumer complaints or through local action like Miriam's.

    Also, I received two book cases that do not appear to be the book cases Vera ordered. This will add fuel to the problem as there is no return policy for erroneous listings of furniture items. All orders are made via catalogs and the consumer can only go by the description and a picture of the furniture item. If the item is not as it appears in the picture or the description, the consumer takes it in the shorts.

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