Direct Generalnon payment

F Mar 17, 2013

I filed a claim in August of 2012. It is March 2013 and I'm still trying to get someone on the phone to handle this claim. I have rental on my policy and no Direct Bill for a rental was ever set up. I had to pay to get the rental car out of my own pocket and submitted my receipt and still have not been reimbursed. The company has been playing phone tag with me for several months and they fail to realize that I work for the largest Car rental company in America. I will certainly never recommend this company to any of my clients.. The adjuster quit the company during the middle of my claim and I was never informed. I waited 3 months and then called and told that she no longer worked there and my file would be turned over to the next team member.. This company is not professional at all. It seems like they look for ways to not pay for claims... Stay far away from this company.. You will pay your premiums and never get a proper claim filed.. As soon as my policy expires, I will run to a company that knows what customer service is.

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