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On April 14, 2015, an agent wearing a Direct Energy fleece and ID badge showed up at my door. He offered to consolidate my gas and electric bills (with no charge), which would save me administration costs. For the record, my regular energy provider is "Direct Energy Regulated Services, " and therefore, I thought I was working with the same company. In any case, the agent offered to do this consolidation if I signed their five year contract. I signed on under the premises that I could cancel within 10 days, and also under the assumption that my bills would be cheaper.

The next day, after some digging, I realized that Direct Energy and Direct Energy Regulated are in fact two different companies, and therefore I was deceived in signing up with a different energy provider entirely. On this same day, I contacted the Utilities Consumer Advocate (UCA) in Alberta to file a complaint. I explained the story, and they said that they would forward my complaint and also cancel the contract on my behalf (interestingly enough, Direct Energy was charged by the government to stop this kind of deception in 2009). I also contact Direct Energy directly to revoke the contract, and they agreed. Finally, later in the afternoon, a representative from Direct Energy contacted me via phone and asked if I wanted to continue with the contract (since they are legally supposed to check with me anyways), and I told them that I would not since I was intentionally deceived.

It is now June 28, 2015. Just last Friday I received a bill from Direct Energy charging me for their services. Although on THREE separate, I had requested that my contract with them be terminated with one being an actual complaint to the government, Direct Energy still had the gall to charge me anyways.

Direct Energy, in their interaction with me, is clearly conducting illegal business practices. I am complaining here for now, although on Monday, I will proceed to make yet another complaint to the UCA about this. Furthermore, I hope to expose Direct Energy to the media if this issue is not resolved immediately.

Consumers beware. If Direct Energy shows up at your door, it would be in your best interest to report this to the police. Do not do business at the door.

Jun 28, 2015
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      4th of Jul, 2015

    We were dupped into the exact same thing back in Feburary, we cancelled with 24 hours and have been getting bills ever since. I paid the first one but refuse to pay the rest, I have had my monthly phone calls and am getting quite a few confirmation numbers that it's been cancelled. But yet each month I still receive bills.

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  • Po
      23rd of Feb, 2017

    On December 21, 2016 a salesman from Direct Energy came to my door offering to go with them for my gas and electric bill. My gas bill was in my grandparents inlaw's estates name, I had been trying to get it in my own name for quite some time, but was having issues with Direct Energy Regulated Services, about death certificates. Not sure why? Was always getting the runaround. So when this lying ### showed up at my door he made it easy to switch to my name. Leading me to believe he was from the same company and it was not an issue as he was doing it in person. Then wanted to switch the electricity bill from my husbands name as well, I told him no, I did not want to switch the electricity bill to my name. He said that was fine. My husband got the electricity bill from Epcor on February 09, 2017 saying Final Bill, thank you for being a customer, sorry to see you leave. He called Epcor and asked what was going on, they told him he had switched providers for electricity. He told them he had never authorized this. They told him to call the AUC. The AUC told him he had switched to Direct Energy. That was a lie. We had to email what I had signed to them as there were no agreements to switch. They took it upon themselves to do this. Had it switched back to Epcor. February Direct Energy charged me $4.75/ GJ. Direct Energy Regulated Services for February was $2.62/GJ. Direct Energy does not have it any where on your statement or on there website what the cost per GJ is, had to figure it out myself. [not hard to do]. January GJ used was 9.41 with DERS. February 01-06 Direct Energy estimated 5.23 GJ used. What a bunch of CRIMINALS. I never checked any boxes locking me in for any amount of time. They took it upon themselves to say I had a 2 year contract. I will be trying to change it back to Direct Energy Regulated Services as they seem to be the lesser of 2 EVILS! What a bunch of $&*% CROOKS. DO NOT USE DIRECT ENERGY!!!

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