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This is a company which needs to be shut down. It is nothing more than a scam!! To see we purchase the membership and cannot cancel and only to have patronizing officers and service reps to give us loads of we can do this or that until the refund time period is over is a load and a true outright crime. These are people of LOW integrity and the only HIGH Priced ITEMS with NO VALUE was the membership!!!

Customer Service?? Fail
Professionalism??? FAIL
Handling of complaints?? DRASTIC FAIL

These people are lower the belly of a snake...Worse than cockroach infested telemarketers calling after hours. I would be ASHAMED to work their more than I am that I bought a membership and the only reason I tell people I bought one is so I can WARN them not to do the same. The outpour of complaints after seeing so many sites with the same responses only leads me to believe this cannot be legal and must be stopped with so many of us. I have started an account "scammedbyDirectBuy AT Yahoo" anyone wants to send me info such as detailed stories and locations of outlet and their name and numbers for future contact would be good. I am speaking to a personal friend to see the legal actions possible for this and get him to take it on for us pro-bono (no costs to us unless he wins)

Please post at all sites about this company as we need to spread the word of these scammers for hurting them where it hurts and their pockets not that of the honest working folks!!!


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  • Cm
      23rd of Mar, 2014

    I've been had by them !!! I paid the first year and even more, the business is now closed and eventhough I didn't even bought a screw from that store, they still want me to send them $200. a month for another year and a half or so. Crelogix are after me saying my name will be at the credit bureau if I don't pay. I froze everything and they won't have another penny from me.

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