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Direct Buy / Beware of this Company

1 Sacramento, CA, United States Review updated:

I read some of the other people's defense about this company. I am happy for the savings the savings they got. What I am trying to do here is to let everyone aware that they need to really think and not make hasty decision to be a member of this company.

In my case I DID NOT make any savings at all and I know I will not recover my membership fees. Heres why:

1. Direct buy adds 8% of the cost of merchandise for handling fee plus the shipping fee and can only be ship to their warehouse which means you have to take a trip to pick the goods and maybe hire a truck. Regular store usually has no handling fee and usually waive shipping fee if you reach certain amount plus they will deliver it to your home. Right there the 30% savings you hope will be gone.

2. Direct buy take months to fulfill the order. Most of the order are 6 to 13 weeks. They will give you an estimated delivery date but that date is from the manufacturer to leave from their house so you have to wait another 2 weeks if it is in time but if it is not GOODLUCK. If you want your money back for unfulfilled delivery Direct buy will not refund the money unless the manufacturer will cancel it. Usually it takes ages because your local chain will have to contact corporate then corporate will contact manufacturer and vice versa. Too bureaucratic and slow. Your looking at 2 to 3 weeks to get an answer and to get the refund who knows. I would imagine it will be a nightmare to return a defective product. With the regular retail store they will give the best customer service because they want your business with direct buy they dont care you already sign the contract and got your money.

3. If you really look and shop around for sale items you can easily beat the prices at direct buy. Best of all you can save the $5000 membership fee.

For some people who made comments that members that complaint are on welfare and uneducated YOU MADE A MISTAKE. I believe that members are from upper middle class or else they dont have the money to spend the pricey membership fee. Our mistake was we are hasty in our decision did not do enough research about this immoral business practice of this company. SO TO ALL OF YOU OUT THERE. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY

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  • Uh
      26th of May, 2009
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    I completely agree, and I recently found out that Direct Buy actually buys websites to print those supposed satisfied customer stories. I really think that what needs to be done is a class action lawsuit against this company, I really can't believe they are even still in business!

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