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I have some recorded conversations with Direct Buy representativeas evidence they are engaged in deception and false advertisement.
After submitting an online request to purchase an extended auto warranty for my son's car, I received a phone call from Direct Buy Auto Warranty and decided to purchase the coverage which had an initial 30-day waiting period in June 2013 and agreed to pay in full in 3 payment. In February 2014, we tried to file a claim but Direct Warranty told us that I needed to make the final payment before they could authorize a repair. The representative told us very clearly that the claim will be processed once the payment is made (I have a recorded conversation). We made the payment but the claim was denied. We were told that there is another 30-day waiting period since we did not make the 3rd payment on time.I asked for a written policy but the representative hung up the phone. We have another recorded conversation with Direct Buy representative repeatedly said that there will not be another waiting period as long I make the payment before the policy is cancelled. We contacted again Direct Buy and asked for a supervisor (Eddie); I told Eddie that I have a recorded conversation with another representative, who has repeatedly said that there won't be any additional waiting period. I offered him to listen to our recorded conversation but Eddie hung up the phone.

All recorded conversations are in MP4 format which are too big to upload. Please let me know the way to upload these large files.

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  • Mk
      Jun 24, 2014

    Let me see if I have this... You did not pay for the warranty in full on time but tried to put in a claim... Then they told you the policy was not yet paid for and that if the policy was paid then you could have put in the claim... You took that as meaning "IF YOU PAY US THEN WE CAN PROCESS THIS CLAIM"...
    That's like having a car accident without insurance, paying for the insurance after the fact and wanting them to pay the bill for the accident...
    I think what they told you was that you should have made the payment on time in order to have made the claim... What you took that as is if you make the payment now (even though it was late) that they would still cover the repair.

    I think you are out of luck here AND if you recorded them without permission then you might have just committed a crime... Good Luck

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  • Tx
      Jul 01, 2015

    First off, if you pay your 6 month insurance premium over 6 monthly installments, you are covered as soon as the policy goes into effect. Even if you have 5 payments left. So, that is no excuse for DBW not to pay the claim.

    Second, as long as 1 person knows that the conversation is being recorded, it's OK. You can record your own conversations. You can not record other people's conversations that you are not a part of.

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  • Mk
      Jul 02, 2015

    No, what happened here is they missed the payment date...

    If you have Car Insurance were you make payments over 6 months and you are LATE making a payment then the insurance is NOT in force... If you then get into an accident and then you have NO insurance.

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  • Tx
      Jul 03, 2015

    You are exactly right. I guess my original thought was that they must have been paying it in some other fashion other than monthly to be a LITTLE late like quarterly. I guess I was giving DBW the benefit of the doubt. My bad. But, they may not have been late at all if they were paying quarterly. So, paying monthly they would have been 5 or 6 months late on their last payment so you are exactly right, they would not have any coverage. So, why did the DBW rep tell them to send them money if the purchaser had already defaulted on the contract? I would love to hear that conversation.

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