Digital Riverfraud

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This company is associated with many other shells that work hard to steal your money This company is another front for PCDOCTOR SWREG
some numbers to get into them

Thes seems to be over 15 various companies all linked together check out the addresses

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  • Ju
      Oct 29, 2009

    Well just for clarification, Digital River, is not the one who sell this products (as all of you keeps on insisting that they are the one!) actually, they are just an e-commerce company who supports the online store for almost 44, 000 different companies, manufacturer's and vendors all over the world!!! can you imagine those numbers!!! still can't get enough idea from this you stupid nothing for good people which the only thing knew to do is to complain and whine without even knowing what they were saying. (such a ###ic attitude!) Digital River are not the one who make the rules or decide over a purchase, they were just following what the vendor or the merchants told them to do. And c'mon, the vendors and the merchants are the one who get away without any problems, and the DR's agents are being blamed for something that they are doing the bext that they can just for the good of the customer and taking the vendors away from trouble~!~!!! and the worst thing is, those agents are being underpaid, force to work overtime! not being paid for those mandatory overtime and poorly trained by the management (and also the vendors and merchant's fault since they were not providing enough information about there procedure whos just taking the liberty that they are getting for granted!!!) Just heres the bottom line, when you call Digital River, expect that they may be insufficient to assist you right away, but rest assured that all of them are doing the best that they can to getall the information that they need just to give you all the information that your askiing from them and they are doing eveything to satisfy you!!! and by the way, they were also being forced by the vendors to lower down their AHT (average holding time) for 5 minutes a call! which is totally impossible to do, well i knew you already know the reason why its impossible, because you customer just take for granted every rightrs that you have, but how about the rights of those poor agents that your shouting, cursing, telling them that they were stupid, not enough for you, not good enough for you, hense your not even trying to consider what they were saying, your just keeping what you want to know, and when they say something that you don't like to hear eventhough its totally true that its your fault as well, your just gonna tell them "Are you a ###ing indian? i cant understand a single word that you said!" (by the way all the calls is being recorded so when you complain about an agent who doest speaks well using the English language, they will investigate about that, and God knows they were talking in a very fluent ENglish that even a deaf person will understand what they were saying!) you just keep on telling this complains and keep on insisting that they were the bad guys, but look at yourself on the mirror dudes, you were just describing and insulting your own selves!!!

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