Digi Telecommunicationsunable to resolve a simple issue

Dear DiGi,
I'm writing this in regards to my case ID CAS-[protected]-B7G5.
Here is a brief flow of the issue.

14th November 2018: I reloaded RM100 to my prepaid as the credit was insufficient to deduct RM20 for the mobile data. As RM100 is entitled for 120 days, I checked the validity is until February 2019. No flaw in this process. Validity and amount, all correct.

20th November 2018: The prepaid ownership has changed from Sim Hong Jiang to Joanne Hew Yoke Leng. Again, no flaw in this.

The problem arises on 25th November 2018. I received an SMS stating that my validity is expiring. ???? As I said, I have reloaded RM100. How is it suppose to be expiring on 25th November 2018?

Live chat in the morning on 25th November, not helping at all. Only inform me that there is no record of reloading on the 14th November. Record in old owner (Sim Hong Jiang). So as for the record for new owner (Joanne Hew Yoke Leng), the validity of the credit is only for 5 days.

Went to one of the DiGi store, hoping to resolve face to face. Again, no help is provided. They claim they are only frontline, only can raise the issue as they are unable to change the system and hence, the case ID. Even said that they will get back to me in 2 days. In the end, I was forced to top-up a minimum of RM5 to extend my validity just to wait for the 2 days, making my credit to RM91.12.

After 2 days (28th November 2018), no calls, nothing. So, I called to the customer service line. And AGAIN, they can only HIGHLIGHT the issue to the Billing Department. Saying that I can only wait for them to call back.

The thing now is, today is 29th November 2018. My coming validity is tomorrow 30th November 2018. Am I suppose to continue to top-up RM5, RM5 to extend the validity until my case is resolved?

It is very simple. Just extend my validity to 120 days as this is what I have paid for. I, as a customer, I did not make any mistake for the above. I, as a customer, genuinely reload RM100. I, as a customer, wishes to continue to use DiGi and hence, changing the sim card ownership to me.

I do not know why I'm being put in all these fuss when I did nothing wrong on my part. Is just ridiculous as my card is being treated as a new sim card with 5 days validity by changing ownership??? What's the point to change ownership then? I might as well get a new sim card by paying RM10-15?? And with that also I am well aware the validity is only 5 days!!

Thank you.


Nov 28, 2018

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