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Digi is charging their customers based on what they claim to be true and nothing else in the world matters.
I was once charged excessively on data when I changed to use an iphone.
As iphone pre-ios4 has no capability of turning off gprs unless jail broken, I reluctantly paid for the data charges due to my own lack of knowledge.
After that charge, I searched around and found that digi requires an apn to connect to their network.
So I removed the apn and I was not able to connect to the data network any more.
Everything was fine until a recent visit to genting, when I was charged for accessing their data network.
The charges coincide with the exact duration when I was in genting.
It started just about after I arrived and stopped just before I left.

Digi is claiming it is due to the phone but I argued that if it was the phone, the charges should have happened outside of genting too.
In fact, it should have since I was charged on 2 separate line on 2 different iphones carried by 2 different people.
Yet, the charges were only during the period in genting.
After several mails of arguing, they changed their argument point probably due to me asking if they wanted to include the apple team since they are playing finger pointing and I would like the apple team to at least know what is happening.

The new stand was the apn was stored within the sim card and it was switched.
Now this creates a whole new problem.
All the while, when we request for carrier settings, it was sent to us in an update file.
After receiving the update files, we are prompted to verify if we want to install the update.
Yet now, they are saying that they can change/overwrite/overrule our apn settings which I think is an invasion of privacy.
In other words, it means they can charge you whenever they wish to.
I continued to pressure them on why the charges only happened in genting.
Even if they changed my phone apn against my wishes, the fact still remained that it only happened in genting.
With an apn change, I should still be charged after leaving genting but there isn't any.

Now, they are just keeping silent and repeating the same thing that the charges are genuine just to frustrate me to get me off their backs.
They say the charges are genuine but they are unable to provide any supporting documents due to privacy protection policies.
Ironic isn't it when they can change/overwrite/overrule your settings yet you are not allowed to view information that belongs to you in the first place.
Their term of evidence is the date, time and data transfer which I am currently disputing.
My request for the supporting documents are being turned down repeatedly.
They are also not providing any solutions on what they will do to rectify this problem (Which I do not think they consider it a problem since it is a source of income for them and what they say is final).

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  • El
      Jun 27, 2011

    I got same problem with you, I think DIGI ready to bankrupt already, that's why DIGI need to cheating more money from customer!!!

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  • Ke
      Jul 11, 2011

    Recently I change my old phone to a Samsung Galaxy Ace phone.

    and the seller of Samsung remind me that DO NOT turn on the PACKET Data option in the phone, and I will not be charge for using Internet fee.

    I do the same.

    then after 3 weeks, I receive a huge amount of phone bills from DIGI, claiming that I use exceed the limit.

    I am just using ordinary service with Digi.

    Then I call back to Digi customer service.
    and they say because I am using their GPRS service.

    When I start subscribing their GPRS?
    They said after I change to a smartphone, then the smartphone will send update automatically via GPRS service.

    I double check with SAMSUNG Ace seller, they said it will not.

    What is the smartphone to do with constantly update version?

    Now, the Digi still claiming that they can charge me because I have use GPRS to automatic update smartphone..
    that means Digi can say that your smartphone can send SMS without you knowing and still charge you a huge amount of fee.

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  • Xa
      Jan 30, 2012

    This is the same frustration i had with Digi. Their investigation team's decision is final! They are the kings! I was accused of stealing their data, and insisted that their charging RM68 is big favor that i'd be kissing them and thanking them (after shouting about the RM240, down from RM1000+usage as recorded by them). This charging of RM68 simply means that i admitted i've stolen their data and got caught. Why'd anybody in their sane mind want to steal data, when he can sign up for unlimited usage for a mere RM68/mon? This 'investing team' waived my 2nd & 3rd months' bill (each RM240 for each RM1000+ recorded usage), but insisted that I've 'stolen' the 1st month's data, hence the penalty of RM68!
    Another issues creep ed up: the so called "Valued-added services" where unauthorised con-provider quietly charging thru Digi RM2 to RM3 per sms/mms that I've deleted and never opened! When confronted, Digi said they only collected the $ on behalf, and there's nothing they can do, except writing an email to tell these con-providers that the customers have found out about these scams, pls stop sending to them. But they told me i've to call these con-providers for a refund?! and i've nothing at hand to talk to these con-men. As far as i m concerned, Digi collaborated with them, cos Digi had never inform the customers about these creeping scams and worst, collected the 'dirty $' on behalf and pay to them dutifully. I have a strong feeling these con-providers are actually Digi-setups, and they just collect nett (my charges on these so-called VAS is much higher than my actual phone usage). Each month these VAS is getting higher, when the customers did not detect, as i put my Digi bill on auto-pay to my Credit Card, and I travel often, hence the over-sight and they can fool around with us!
    Hi all the guys out there who are victims to these manipulated faults, can we group together and demand our $ and our records restored clean?! Let the victims unite!! MR. X, KUL

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  • Po
      Dec 15, 2012

    They cheat everyone who turn the gprs on with such ridiculas charges, because they have alibaba director, so you wont get justice, and you complaint more you will receive disturb call an SMS non stop, and they will ask you go lodge the polis report, useless government never help and people only concern their own pocket.

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  • Hc
      Jul 20, 2017

    I totally agree with you as I am facing the similar problem as well

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