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Diamond Resorts / excessive charges, unfair practices

1 Las Vegas, NV, United States Review updated:
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Phone: Phone: 1 877.374.2582

How can Diamond Resorts, specifically their Board of Directors, justify charging a 25% collection fee. I received a bill for my maintenance fees on Feb 22nd with 5% late charge added since it was due on Feb 1. This was the first bill that I received in the mail but they had apparently mailed out the first bill back in November 2009. I can't blame DR for me not receiving the first bill so I immediately paid the 1220.80 balance online through their website and swallowed the late fee. On the website however my balance showed I owed $1526 not $1220.80. Thinking this must be an error I just paid the 1220.80. When I called DR Finance Service this morning, I got the most shocking news that I had been assessed a 25% collection fee for not paying the maintenance before Feb 15th. I calmly explained that this was the first billing notice that I received so perhaps they can reverse or reduce the fees since I paid immediately upon receiving this second notice. No go with the agent named Teresa nor the supervisor Dan. The timing of the statement mailing clearly offers no other purpose than to let the customer know that you are now screwed. The statement has a due date of Feb 1 and a statement date of Feb 17- two days after the mandatory 25% collection fee! So they conveniently send it out when they know there is no way for you the avoid the collection fee that is written somewhere in their policy sheet that the average owner does not read thoroughly. So I ask Why not send the 2nd notice before the unjustified collection fee kicks in! And Patrick Duffy- Chief Experience Officer of DR, how the hell does your DR board of directors justify a 25% fee for being 2 weeks late from the Feb 1 due date ! I don't even think mortgage companies charge $305 for being 2 weeks late on a 500K loan for a house you live in every day of the year! Why does your company deliberately create such policies that alienate owners. Is this the Board's way of ensuring that they have a large enough pot to fund the hefty bonus they soooo richly deserve. I hope there is a class action suit that looks into the practices of DR. Count me in Hafter Law firm of Las Vegas. I would be happy to sign on that document. Patrick Duffy, if you are really concerned about the horribly negative image that your company is gaining, I would expect to get a response from you at If not then your silence will say it all.

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  • Pa
      24th of Feb, 2010
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    Dear ppaz98,

    Responded to your email ay forward to assisting you.


  • Pp
      25th of Feb, 2010
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    It's only fair that I follow up my complaint with what DRI, specifically Patrick Duffy, has done.
    Briefly summarizing, I submitted my complaint Tuesday night here.
    The very next day around lunch time, Patrick Duffy emails me to acknowledge he has read my complaint.
    That same night I check my account on the DRI webpage and see a zero balance, meaning the $305 collection fee had been waived. I also received a voice mail from Mr. Duffy himself this morning confirming the removal of the collection fees.

    I have to give credit where credit is due. If Mr. Duffy is representative of the customer service provided by DRI then I must admit that it is without doubt one of best performing, most responsive customer service dept I've encountered. These days when we have to tolerate shoddy customer care from the likes of ATT, Citibank, etc., it is comforting to know that there are still companies that actually have customer service.

    I am not saying I am completely sold on the business practices of DRI. There is still the issue of mailing out late notices 2 days after the large collection fee has kicked in, giving the member no opportunity to correct the problem, whether it's due to oversight or in my case, a delivery problem. And I am certain only a very small percent of owners are aware of this 25% collection fee kicking in 14 days after the maintenance fees are officially late. There is also the issue of transparency regarding the >30% increase in maintenance fees. These maintenance fees have completely erased the incentive for buying and keeping timeshares. If I am to continue paying a maintenance fee that can be used to pay for a similar size unit, then I need to be convinced that my initial 12K investment for lifetime vacations with DRI actually has some long termvalue. I know many feel the same way.

  • Va
      8th of Feb, 2011
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    Pretty sad when a customer gives praises for a good job for something that should not have been a problem to begin with. Like saying what a good job the phone company does by providing phone lines, oh great job AT&T for selling phone service and providing it too...

    What a pathetic attempt to put a good face on an ugly monster...


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