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Diamond Resorts International / misrepresentation/fraud

1 Kaanapali, HI, United States Review updated:

I purchased a timeshare at Diamond Resorts International in August of 2009. As part of the pitch, I was offerred an additional 17, 000 points if I delayed taking points until January of 2010. This didn't happen and now no one at the Ka'anapali Beach Club knows anything about it. This was material to our decision to purchase the time share. I only found out about it when I was calling the Club to roll over this years points and I was told I had none. What's more, after we purchased the time share, we started attempting to schedule our two weeks at the Beach Club 13 months in advance without succcess. The line always was "We have rentals available." This is total BS. I own two weeks at this place outright and there's never a vacancy 13 months in advance? Does this make sense to anyone. My wife and I are attorneys and are considering an individual lawsuit. If others have had similar experiences, please let us know. My email is If there is sufficient interest and enough similar stories or other actionable matters, we may be able to file a class action lawsuit which would definitely get DRI's attention.

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  • Va
      16th of Dec, 2011
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    Yup, that is the way they do it lie till you buy, I think that is Diamond Resorts International's standard marketing slogan

    "We'll Lie Till you Buy".


    Concerned Vacation Owner

  • Dw
      20th of Dec, 2011
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    We bought out Maui (same place) timeshare at about the same time - through Diamond (they were buying Suntera at the time). The Sellers lied and pressured us to buy. Now we find the same thing - the maintenance fees started at $400. (we were promised our fees would be about $300. to $400./year, but now the fees are $1800.+ (last year $1400.+). We are hoping that someone will file a Class Action lawsuit against Diamond Resorts. Please feel free to contact us at (952) 890-7226 in Burnsville, Minnesota.

  • Sa
      30th of Apr, 2012
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    Don't do it!!!

    These people seriously think that we all carry $33, 000 in our back pocket while on vacation, just in case - someone wants to sell 'Time Shares'. PLEASE don’t spoil your vacation for useless freebies they want to offer.

    Here is our story:
    We just wanted to spend a couple of days in Sedona and Grand Canyon and walked into a 'tourist info' center. Little did we realize that deception of Diamond Resort Internal had just begun! Mr. Nice guy - 'James' was very courteous to offer a FREE helicopter / tom car / jeep ride / free stay in Sedona, we just had to choose and we ended up falling for the helicopter ride. All these goodies just for us attending a NO high pressure ‘presentation’ of timeshares that will NOT exceed 90 minutes. Just to make sure that we attend the presentation and not bail, James did swipe our credit for $25 which will be refunded after the completion of the said ‘presentation’.
    Our appointment was fixed at 1:00 PM and we had the privilege of meeting Ms. Suzanne around 1:40 PM. Ms. Suzanne was very apologetic because she closing a deal with a customer and was late. Now, let me attempt and introduce Ms. Suzanne. In her own words - Ms. Suzanne was Regional Director of Radio Shack, Manager at Vegas Casinos, had a high post in Marriott but YET she chose to be a ‘Real Estate Broker’ for Diamond Resorts International (DRI). She is a ‘been there done that’ and ‘seen it all’ kind of ‘(old) girl next door’ person. She loves what a great company DRI is and such wonderful things are being done under the leadership of their ‘Undercover Boss’ star CEO – Steve Cloobeck. The list of wonderful things started (and didn’t end) with the CEO hand picking the granite countertops, cabinets, bath tubs, coffeemaker and every other thing available at their resorts. In short, Steve runs a tight ship and with the customer at his heart, ALWAYS.
    The presentation went on until a little over 4:00 PM and of course, the numbers come at the very end of the presentation as $$$$$ is not that important when compared to the dream and luxury that only DRI has to offer in the form timeshares. The real hard push started after 4:25 PM when Ms. Suzanne started getting restless hearing us say ‘NO – we will not buy it right now’ as we have other priorities in life. We were courteous in saying that this is a big decision involving $33, 000++ and we need to discuss privately, take a few days and we are not ready to sign on the dotted line. It was really hard for Ms. Suzanne to imagine that we were letting go of a wonderful opportunity to buy her timeshare for a meager $33, 000++. Honestly, who wouldn’t want an opportunity like that? In the end, after 15 minutes of showing us many ‘economical’ alternatives, ultimatums of ‘now or never offers’ and our repeated NO responses – Ms. Suzanne started getting nasty and tried to cross the line of decency by asking ‘don’t love your wife’ and ‘doesn’t she deserve this’? That pushed me over the edge and made me ‘teach the old dog (hag) some new tricks’. Immediately after that, Ms. Suzanne got up and said – ‘Sorry, if you felt this was a high pressured sales talk but I just don’t want you to miss this opportunity’. It really sounded to me like - ‘PLEASE buy something, I haven’t sold anything in months’. Off she goes for a quick smoke break but only after sending the ‘corporate guy’ to our table.

    Corporate guy starts the conversation by asking how everything went on and whether everyone was courteous!!! After spending 4 hours having our brains picked, he offers us one last chance at the dream for just $2, 200++ and offers ‘Platinum’ membership at airports / airlines. These so called ‘Platinum’ membership gets you a free companion tickets to anywhere in the world, deep discounts on airfare anywhere from 70 – 90%. When I ask him for a real world example of what he is claiming the benefits of Platinum membership, he has ‘other’ customers to attend to and has no time for this. I can try it after 14 days, when my membership is active – provided I buy it immediately. I thanked him and told him that I will not buy the watered down version of timeshare and ‘Platinum’ membership for $2, 200 if cannot see the benefits myself. There ends our less than 90 minute, absolutely no pressure timeshare pitch by DRI. Oh, we heard a couple of champagne bottles being popped open during our presentation and round of applause followed. After reading the reviews on DRI, I only hope that people who apparently ‘closed the deal’ are either paid actors / employees of DRI posing as customers.
    Mr. Corporate was kind enough to take us through the ‘backdoor’ to get us the voucher for the chopper ride and refund our $25 deposit.
    Last but not the least, the freebie that we got for the helicopter ride was supposed to be 12 minute long. Apparently, for anyone that is being sent by DRI – ride is a magical full 3 minute one!!!
    Be your own judge, is this worth it? While on your vacation, spend 5 – 6 hours for a 3 minute chopper ride?

  • Ro
      25th of May, 2013
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    Sounds identical to what we did last Thursday at Williamsburg, Va.

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