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I signed a contract with Diamond Resorts on 2-26-10 to sign over my time share for 13, 000 points a year. The contract clearly states in three places that the points are to begin on January 1, 2010.

After the points never showed up they told me it starts on January 1, 2011. After several phone calls they finally agreed that is what the contract stated and said they would deposit them. They still did not show up and now when I call they say they won't because my time share had already been deposited for the year. The guy that sold me the contract knew that and said it did not matter, also the contract does not make any reference to the status of the timeshare for 2010.

Also, they told me the amount of the contract, 3, 190 was "interest free" for 60 days. It was not and when I went to pay it off in 60 days they charged me 22% interest. Then late fees because I was contesting it. I finally just paid the interest and late fees to get it over with. But now I can't get the points they promised.

My biggest concern is that this company is fruadulent so I no longer want to do business with them - I am convinced they will continue to take advantage of me.

Since they voided the contract by not honoring it, can I get my fees back including the interest and late fees (ignoring the several hours I wasted trying to get them to do the right thing?)

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  • Va
      Nov 09, 2011


    Your case sounds good for material breach, but be prepared DRI will fight you tooth and nail and deny any wrong doing. It is always the member/owner that "does not understand the inner workings" of DRI and their magic mystery points. It is unfortunate that they have already placed your TS deed in to an irrevocable trust (In my opinion this is a strong handed tactic to hold members hostage to DRI's annual fleecing until 2054, DRI claims it is for the stability of their points system, but there is nothing stable about any points system I have seen, they are all ripe for greed and corruption from the developer)

    Good luck!!!


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