Dial Direct Insurance / Takes 9 calls for confirmation from DialDirect

We bought a car the saturday getting a loan from Wesbank. Needed insurance of course and chose DialDirect because they were the most competitively priced at the time. The monday we got a call early the morning that the the loan has not gone through because my wife had to be the main driver and holder since she was taking out the loan. We phoned DialDirect 9ish to change this, and ask for another confirmation. No response. Phoned again, and again. We noticed that DialDirect's email queue system was choked and not sending out mails or faxes. Phoned again and asked for a manual email done. They mailed us the wrong one finally at 14:00 after 6 calls. Had to call again to get it done yet again with the correct details. Finally at 15:57 we were able to receive the confirmation. I never swore or raised my voice. Yet I had 1 guy putting the phone down in my ear, one promised to have it typed and faxed manually but it never came, one mailed it manually but the wrong one, 2 raised their voices at me, asked for a manager 1 simply queued me. This company's service is horrendous. I would hate to see how they handle a claim. Planning to change insurance asap, be smart stay away from DialDirect!

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