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In 2004 I bought a 2002 VW Microbus to accommodate a sales team and due to all the Dial Direct ads then flooding the media, I decided to give them a chance with my newly acquired vehicle. Shortly thereafter, I moved to George and started my own sales business. Since then I purchased a few more vehicles, for personal use and for business, and as Dial Direct seemed a good, hassle free insurer, I insured all vehicles with them, i.e.
1. 2001 BMW 323i
2. 2000 VW Microbus destroys
3. 1992 VW Caravelle
4. 2003 Opel Corsa Utility
5. 2002 VW Microbus (mentioned above)
6. 2004 BMW M3
The last three on the list was still insured with Dial Direct till September 2008.
As you probably know, in the direct sales industry employees change quite often, thus the regular drivers to. Although all the above vehicles are covered for any driver, I took it upon myself to be a compliant and truthful client and notified Dial Direct each and every time the regular driver of any vehicle changed, even though notifying them pushed my premium up every time. In September 2008 when I cancelled my insurance with Dial Direct, I was paying a monthly premium of R2962.42 for the 3 vehicles still insured, never skipped a single month since inception, and I doubt they even took the time to look at my profile with their company before repudiating my claim.
On Saturday 31st of May 2008 at around 8:30pm, I had a big accident with my M3, I went to the garage to get fuel for a friend who got stuck, and on my way back to him, I had the accident in which my car was severely damaged. I called the Dial Direct hotline, but at the time I was very shaken and handed them over to the towing service that had arrived on the scene. The towing guys who happened to be a Dial Direct approved agent then loaded my car and took it to the SMD yard.
I only called Dial Direct on Tuesday 3rd June as I thought that the hotline guys I called automatically log the claim to find that it is not so and I still had to log a claim with Dial Direct. I then logged the claim and waited for a response. After a few more calls on the status of my claim, and Dial Direct telling me that they did not know my car’s at their yard, I finally got a response from Dial Direct via sms on Saturday 7th June stating that my car will be towed to an assessment center. With my calling Dial Direct, I found out that the person who would be handling my claim is Mr. Calvin Heiberg. I called Calvin the following Monday 9th or Tuesday 10th and he told me that the assessment would probably be complete by Friday 13th and that he is waiting on my application conversation. He also asked me if I was previously insured, I replied that I honestly can’t remember as it was so long ago, but think that I might have been on my moms insurance. He added that according to their records I’m on an NCB 5 and if I had no previous insurance I should only be on a 4. I then immediately checked through some old paperwork I had at my moms place and found 2 previous policies on my name(before which, I was on my mom’s policy), V Plus Brokers dated Feb 2003 and one with Santam after that, which was the last insurance cover I had before moving over to Dial Direct, and faxed the complete policy with all documentation to Calvin I got an sms confirming completion of the assessment on Thursday 12th and called Calvin on Friday 13th but he had left early and the person who answered told me that Calvin is still waiting for the conversation. I called Calvin on Monday 16th and he had received the conversation. He told me that according to the conversation, I said that I was previously insured for 4 years uninterrupted. I completely disagreed, and said that he should check if he’s got the correct conversation. I called again on Tuesday 17th, and Calvin told me that he called the previous insurance(V Plus) and they don’t have me on their system, and they’ve checked on all three client numbers found on that policy, but he’s still checking. Santam, apparently, also could not find the policy numbers I provided on their systems either.
On Thursday 19th June, Calvin called and told me that my claim has been repudiated due to me not being able to supply them with complete information on my previous insurance, this after I sent him complete policy documents of V Plus and supplied him with policy numbers for Santam. I asked Calvin how can V Plus/Santam losing my info now be my fault, and my claim be repudiated, to which he replied that’s just the way it is, I have seven days to get my car from the SMD yard and if I send them a letter accompanying documentation from V Plus/Santam stating that I was with them within 7 days, they’ll re-look at the claim. I told Calvin this is ### and he agreed. I asked Calvin who his superior is that repudiated the claim, and asked when I can come in to listen to the conversation and see his superior(John King). Calvin said he’ll speak to John and let me know. He never called. I called V Plus brokers on Thursday 19th and spoke to a manager, Suna Warrington, explained the situation to her and she told me that once a policy is cancelled, they remove it from the system and it gets archived so there is no way it will be found on their system. She asked me to give her a day or two to find it. I called Suna again on Friday 20th and she asked me to fax the policy to her as she cannot locate it on her side. I sent it to her and she called me back on Monday 23rd after finding it in their archive. Then on Tuesday 24th June 2008 at 11am I went to speak to John and listen to the conversation. In the application conversation I said that I had previous insurance for ‘I think ABOUT 4 years’ and John told me that since they cannot find Previous insurance for a full 4 years, he can do nothing.
Then a few days later I received another repudiation letter from Dial Direct, totally different to the first. It stated that the reason for repudiation is unroadworthiness of my vehicle. HOWEVER, my vehicle was inspected by an independent assessor (regarding a small 3rd party claim) 1 day before my accident, less than a week prior to their inspection, and found to be 100% roadworthy.
FURTHERMORE, This Is Also Not My First Claim From Dial Direct, It Is In Actual Fact My Second. My First Claim Was A Small Claim(+-R5500), Which They Had Absolutely No Problem Paying For. So If There Was Really A Problem With My Policy And My Previous Insurances, Why Did They Not Mention It With That First Claim, And Given Me A Chance To Resolve Any Discrepancies, Only Because The Claim Is Now A Large Amount To Pay(R247 000), Are They Giving Me Various Reasons Why They “Cannot” Entertain My Claim?
If I knew there were any problems with my policy, I would not have insured all those vehicles with them and risked so much if anything happened!!!
I also queried the matter with my attorney who advised me that this is a daily thing to them(agents get bonuses/commission for repudiating a claim), as they know that it will take about 2 years for the matter to reach the court room, by which time your legal bill is so high that you have to accept the 30% settlement they offer you in the passage. They know that no-one can really touch them, so they are free to do just as they please. My attorney’s advice was that I hand the matter to the Ombudsman for Short Term Insurance, as this was my only option, I did this in June 2008, which was futile as it took the OSTI a year to tell me that Dial Direct says they can’t find my previous insurance. WTF??? Useless!
Well as you can see, I am quite upset about the whole matter as I really do not see what my previous insurance has to do with the paying out of my claim. I have been a loyal, rule abiding client to Dial Direct for years, sticking to their requirements as well as I knew how. I have also lost my Bucks Back Bonus which was due. Is this not what insurance is there for, to soften the blow when you lose things dear to you, things you have worked so hard, even slaved for. Insurance premiums, whether it be my life insurance, car insurance, household insurance, is at the top of my priority list. Why is it that when we need our insurance, we are not at all a priority to them…

TELESURE is the ADMINISTRATOR under-which DIAL DIRECT falls, they are THE UMBRELLA so THEY make the rules and it is THEIR PRINCIPLES AND BUSINESS ETHICS which is the foundation of DIAL DIRECT.
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  • Y
      Mar 22, 2010

    I wish I had read this before I went with Dial Direct.

    My neighbour slid into my parked car in the icy weather. They were lovely, their insurance company was lovely and took all responsibility in fixing my car.

    I informed my insurance company Dial Direct as I understood it to be a legal requirement, but explained that there would be no claim as my neighbour was taking all responsibility.

    My car was duly fixed, and that was that. Or so I thought...

    Dial Direct hiked up my insurance premium by a third again. I was shocked, explained to them that I haven't made a claim, in fact I haven't made a claim in all my 20 years of driving. My appeals fell on deaf ears.
    I then tried to cancel, only to be told I would be charged £175 to do this.

    I can't believe that they can just change premium charges for no reason like this. I am now writing to the insurance ombudsman, watchdog, anyone really. It might not be much, but it's a lot to me.

    Beware of Dial Direct. (underwritten by Fortis)

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  • P
      Jan 18, 2011
    Dial Direct Insurance - Wow, you call this service?
    Dial Direct Insurance
    United States

    Dial Direct? Seriously? You mean to say Dial All Around the Problem. The only thing Direct is the apparent fact that there are certain sections of your company that are rather on the useless side of things. This complaint is directed at your “Out of Touch” department. You probably know it as “In Touch”, however, seeing as they don’t do that, I prefer Out of Touch. My claim was approved on the 19th of February 2010 and I received an sms on the 22nd of Feb saying I would be kept in the loop in regards my claim. Whilst Mr. Akheem Mulaudzi is busy interviewing some new “Out of Touch” employees, I am awaiting feedback on my query which is now also a complaint. Due to your companies lack of following up on queries, at all, I am sitting with a problem where I won’t have a rental car. So can I claim from you when I am unable to come to work to pay your premiums, because you got your time lines and turn around times messed up with your panel beaters and now I must hand in the rental car? Your delays will result in me being without a car for four days? Really? Can someone who knows the understanding of “In Touch” please get back to me?

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  • S
      Apr 28, 2011

    I wish I read this before joining Dial Direct. Myself is a victim of a claim been rejected. They all "sharks" and please people move away from Dial's not worth that to "go direct" as they all advertise!!!

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  • M
      May 27, 2011

    I bought a car last year in April whereby my mom was the main driver, on the list of aditional drivers were me and my fiance who happend to have 2 cars under his name. on the 8th of May 2011 my fiance was driving the car when he bumped into a cow. He immediately contacted dial direct call centre and they send a tow truck to the accident scene. on monday the 9th a lady from dial direct contacted my fiance asking him all sorts of questions. whre was he going, did i see him that day before the accident, where was he from and all that. the promised that the assesment will be done and be completed by Tuesday the 17th. The accessor contacted me indicating that the quotation for the repairs amounts to R100 000.00 which Dial direct myt give me a hustle over. He then gave me his mobile number to contact him if there is any problems regarding the equiries of the claim. we waited for the claim to be finalised only to get callon Saturday 21st May 2011 from the guy named Gadaffi who is handling the claim..he asked my fiance the same questions which the lady asked during the coversation on monday after the accident, claiming not to have all the information requred. I then phoned (Gadaffi) on monday the 23 May 2011 asking him how far is he with the claim and how long will it take for it to be finalised. He asked me all sorts of questions like where was I wen the accident happend, what kind of a car my fiance is driving, what is the main driver doing for a living and all those irelevant questions. he then told me it wil take him a week to finalise the claim and that he wil call me on friday the 27th May 2011 which is today. I took it upon muself to call im as he ddnt honour his promise, he then told me he is still waiting for the guy who is helping him with the investigations to give him a report and he will call me before end of business today which as ussual he did not. I am now sitting here waiting for three weeks for my claim to be finalised! which I cannot take anymore and thinking of taking the legal root! If I read your post before I could have changed the insurance company immediately. Dial Direct is not taking good care of its customers but instead they are increasing the level of strees after the accident or theft!

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  • J
      Jun 09, 2011

    Scammers and should be stopped, they where tring to take money from my credit card even though i paid them in full for my year. They cancelled my insurance after 2 months without me knowing even though I paid them fully and now reading the above makes me sick. This has to be stopped. After they stopped my policy, for not apparent reason, I phoned them and asked for my NCB back, they said, " yes sir we have it here and we will post it". I then asked for a refund for the rest of the year the said "sorry sir but we don't have your NCB". I then asked what did you intend to post then an empty envelope" . I was put on hold for 20mins and they agreed but at charged me too much money for the two months and cancelation. Scammers, just look at the amount of complaints on the net and that's from people like me who haven't made a claim.

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  • P
      Aug 29, 2016
    Dial Direct Motor Insurance - Service
    Dial Direct Motor Insurance
    United Kingdom

    Please be advised by my personal experience to think very carefully about using these, what looks like a good deal ends up to be like feeling robbed of your hard earned money.
    I hate the words "I told you so" please don't make me say them.

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