Dial-a-Bed / Refusal to update credit record about money received

In 2005 My husband sold his house out of hand, before it was about to be sold on an auction. Nedbank received their money but never updated his credit record at ITC, indicating that the bond account was paid in full. We understand that we must get legal advice and use these channels to remove this judgment from his name. We had been adviced by several institutions Nedbank must notify ITC credit bureau that the bond was paid in full. Nedbank issued us with an abandonment of judgment letter, but did not notify ITC of this information. We'd phoned and talked to several different consultants at Nedbank Braamfonteins offices. i'd talked to LLoyd and he said Nedbank can not update or send this information through to ITC. Please we need advice urgently what to do. To remove the judgment from ITC we'd talked to several lawyers will be appr. R7000.00 for us is a lot of money that we don't have. At this moment that amount still shows - reflects as outstanding on ITC. All we want is for Nedbank to inform - update - notify ITC that the bond was paid in full in 2005 but this seems to be impossible.

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