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DHL worldwide express (Gateway out of Omaha, NE) / delivery supervisor chuck chiddix

1 MO, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 402-510-2661

On 12-5-08 I was expecting a package from DHL Express out of Kansas City, MO. My regular delivery driver called me and told me that she did not have a package from me. She asked what zip code it orginated from and I told her. She told me she would make some phone calls and get back with me. A short while later, I spoke with her again and she told me that one of the other drivers had by mistake put it on his delivery route truck and the package was still in Kansas City, two hours away. This was very upsetting as this package contained payroll checks.
This delivery driver told me in a conversation that she would be willing to meet me halfway later in the day to get the package to me. After discussing the situation with the owner of my company we decided to file a complaint with DHL, through their 800 number. I also had the contact name and number of the individual in the Kansas City location, so I therefore called him. I told him that this was a mistake by one of his drivers and that it was an inconvenience to myself and the regular driver. He became very angry and screamed ' I know what you [censored]ing want, I'll bring you your [censored]ing check!". With that he hung up on me. I therefore contacted the 800 number again and lodged another complaint. A short while later a DHL rep by the name of Jim Davis called me back, I explained to him what had occured and he was very apologetic. He told me that Chuck was on his way down with the package/payroll.
At 2:36 Chuck Chiddix arrived at my office. He threw the envelope down on my desk and proceeded to scream that the regular delivery driver was going to meet me later that day to get the package to me. I told him that we pay DHL to provide a service and they fail miserably at it. He then proceeded to scream more calling me a liar and other things. He slammed my office door shut and stomped off down the hallway. By this time other businesses in my office building had come out of their office to see what all the screaming was about. Everyone was rather flabbergasted at the unprofessionalism and actions of Chuck Chiddix.
I again spoke with Jim Davis from DHL and later in the day a Jim Royal, (sp?) (who is the actual employer of Chuck Chiddix from Gateway in Omaha Nebraska) called me. Gateway is a contractor for DHL express. Jim R told me that he had discussed the first incident regarding the profanities on the phone with Chuck Chiddix and he had known nothing about the incident that took place in my office when Chuck Chiddix delivered the package. He too apologised and said that he thinks that Chuck is stressed out due to DHL folding and everyone losing their jobs. He said that if they were not losing their jobs in a few weeks, then he would terminate him for this but because of the status of DHL, he would not be doing so.
This however is NO excuse for Chuck Chiddix's behaviour. Chuck is the driver SUPERVISOR. What an example he leads for the others.

I have seen this individual in person twice now. I was stunned when I first found out that he was a supervisor as he was very dirty and unkempt looking

I know that there have been drivers, namly an individual by the name of Justin who worked in the Warrensburg, MO area until last friday, when he was let go early, Justin in the past has been suspended because of throwing packages while at the depot. This was not in the presence of a customer as Chuck Chiddix's was.

Also, Chuck Chiddix did not give me the scanner to sign that I had received the package, instead he signed his own name. He told his supervisor that he did so in order to avoid a confrontation. That is bull. When he walked in my door he was wanting a confrontation!

I would like Chuck Chiddix to be repremanded and made to apologise to me and the people in my office building who heard his tirade.


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