DHL / falsely signed for delivery


I had ordered some cosmetics off a trusted south korean website and paid 30 $ for priority shipping since i will be traveling in a couple of weeks and need to recieve it before i go, i recieved confirmation of my order and of the shipping address and a shipment tracking number (EG151063237KR) I tracked my order till it was with the courier it then stated that it was delivered and signed for by a Frau Heiderich whom i have never heard of, even though i was home during the time stated, and when trying to get more info on the recipient i entered my postcode assuming it might be a new neighbour the site kept stating that this was not the postcode of the person who signed on the delivery (so it was nowhere near my address).
I had sent an email to dhl germany and recieved no reply and the called the provided number on their website [protected] but my call keeps getting cancelled and dont get through.

Jul 1, 2015

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