DHL Express / parcel not recieved

Malton, Canada

I ordered something from Neiman Marcus through border free shipping. After a few days of waiting for the parcel I decided to track my parcel. TO my surprise it said the parcel had been shipped and signed for 2 days ago. I was shocked because I have not received my parcel and nor did I sign for any package. When I asked for proof of signature it read NSR (no signature req). I decided to send in a complaint to DHL and also to Neiman Marcus. Neiman marcus is following it's due procedure and are inquiring with border free to find out what happened. DHL called me and basically told me tough luck and to call Neiman Marcus to reimbursement me! I told them that I have the delivery man on our home camera and that I was late opening the door and that I saw the truck leave and there was no parcel at the door. He replied that he must have and it was taken but someone else. I spoke with Neiman Marcus who were very patient and caring through the entire process. I will also contact Borderfree to complain about this company and ask them to review DHL's history with customers and to re-evaluate their contract with a dishonest company.

Mar 27, 2014

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