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Devry / complaints

1 WI, United States

i've just cancelled my enrollment with devry after seeing this site and reading the horror everyone has gone through. knowing now that these people will stop at nothing to ruin the lives of innocent and trusting people, I am worried because they have my bank card information from when I paid the application fee of $50. I also signed a promissory note with sallie mae and provided a co-signer as well. this morning I went into my fafsa and took their school code off, hopefully the damage has not been done.

I hadn't even registered for classes yet and all the bogus crap had already started. I was given 2 different quotes on cost of tuition and when I questioned it I was given the runaround, admissions telling me there must have been a glitch in the system and to clarify with financial aid. when I did call fin. aid, they gave me yet a 3 third quote, this being the highest of all 3 quotes. right then and there, I made it clear that I don't intend to finish with the admissions process and I will not attend devry. she then told me to inform the admissions dept. of cancelling enrollment. I did and of course she didn't pick up so I left a voice message. when I signed the notice of cancellation and sent it back, I also sent an email with the same message, also that I cancelled before the 5 business days was up so I was entitled to a refund. I did that as a backup in case I needed something in writing. I was really surprised she emailed me back later that evening, and of course no apology on giving me the wrong info. on tuition, not even a word. she did mention that it will take 6 weeks for them to process my refund of the app. fee, so we'll see if I get it back. I just hope that this is the last of devry that I will have to deal with.


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