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Dear Sir

My name is Ashu Kumar and I am using Deutsche Bank Gold Credit Card No.
[protected] since 06/2017 being a loyal & honest customer I have been paying all my dues well on time. I always paid 100% outstanding dues throughout the tenure I used it & even not missed a month (Deutsche Bank can see all my 6 months records)

But today on 02.01.2017 at 09.55 AM I received a SMS from Deutsche Bank Alert that “Dear Customer basis our latest credit review, we are closing your db Credit Card a/c immediately. Please clear all dues outstanding on your db credit card”

When I did read this SMS I was surprised & I immediately check my last statement (Dated 08/12/2017) there was a Total outstanding due of Rs. 7076.37 with due date on 28.12.2017 & I deposited a DD No. 486282 dated 23/12/2017 for rupees 7077/- drawn on HSBC realized on 28/12/2017 (A confirmation SMS also received from Deutsche Bank Credit Card on 28/12/2017 at 01.25 PM

Can any one tell me where was I wrong? More surprisingly I had a talk with DB Credit Card Customer Care Executive in this regard & she also did not reply me & said bank has changed its policy.

I have a question if bank can send a legal notice if customer does not pay his/her dues than is there any remedies is available to us also to take some action against those stupid bank because it can impact my credit scores.

I will appreciate if some one can look into this & can take some strong action against this incident & can talk to bank in this regard.


Ashu Kumar

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  • Al
      21st of Jan, 2009

    This bank is failing. They have done fradulent dealings in Germany, hence they are closing their operations.Better you avoid this bank like plague or AIDS(take your pick).

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  • Sh
      5th of Oct, 2009
    Deutsche Bank Credit Card - Credit card account fraud
    Shankar Menon

    My name is Shankar Menon. I hold a DB Classic Credit # xxxx xxxx xxxx 1011;

    I spoke to one of their call center executives regarding my total outstanding as of 3rd October which was 690.91. As per this conversation I immediately made an online payment of the above stated amount with the Transaction ID: OZWWV713U1 (kindly check the call recording and the transaction details to wet the same).

    On 5th October 2017 @ 1833hrs, I received an SMS from DB Alerts stating that my total outstanding was 743.62 which was due, to be paid immediately.

    Tonight i.e 5th October @ 2255hrs, I called up their call center to discuss the same and spoke to one of your executives named Rikhil Joseph.

    The executive refused to transfer the call to a TL or a senior available on the shop floor.

    The executive could not clarify any details as to why was this amount not communicated to me by the executive whom I spoke to on the 3rd of October

    With deep regrets for once I felt like a helpless customer of a grand brand like Deutsche Bank.

    No one has any idea of the process followed and are useless for customers like me and others.

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