Depositphotos / Total Fraud

Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States
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I was charged a monthly subscription fee three months in a row without any notification or my agreement.

In January I signed up for Depositphotos monthly $69 subscription and after I had downloaded the photos I needed I stopped visiting the website.A few days ago I realized that they had charged me the same fee in February, March, and April! I contacted their customer service and I received an email that they cannot refund the money back to me but they can issue me a $69 credit that will not expire and I can use at a later date. Well, I don't need these credits, and it's only logical because I never requested the subscription to be renewed automatically. I never opted in and customers should be notified beforehand so they can react and stop it if they want to. I see this as a practice that's misleading and unfair to the customer and they need to correct it. I gave Depositphotos a chance to fix it before I report and review them but here we are.
Recommend anyone to stay away from Depositphotos, you will not regret!

May 7, 2014

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