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New York, NY, United States
Contact information:

Purchase Date: 6/14/17
Order #20-[protected]

Break down of email exchanges:

6/14 - order placed, website said it's in stock
6/15 - Email rec'd saying item on backorder, "will ship out to you in 2 weeks"
6/17 - I respond saying that's fine, clarifying "ship out to me" means it will come directly to me or will they receive it in 2 weeks and then they have to ship it to me, therefore 2.5-3 wks?
6/17 - Rep. Menny responds with "it will ship out to you in 2 weeks." - thanks for the abundance of info (sarcasm)
6/19 - I email Menny asking again for clarification on the shipping timelines. He responds "you should receive it about 5 days after it ships". That's definitely not what he said before...
6/27 - I email Menny "I ordered it 13 days ago, so it should be shipping out tomorrow, correct?"
6/27 - Menny responds "Expected to ship on MON 7/3"
6/27 - Here is where the fun begins. I ask why the delay and now Menny explains that since I didn't respond to his email until Saturday after I placed my order on Wed, the manufacturer didnt receive the order until the following Monday. Perhaps he should have mentioned that in the original email. Something as simple as "Although you placed your order and it is confirmed, your order will not be placed until you respond to my email asking if the backordered status is okay with you." No such email was received. As an avid online shopper, when I place an order, I assume the order has been placed...not "your order is contingent upon you responding to this email". I told Menny response from a person who was so responsive...

Because of this delay, we ran into the holiday. So 4th of July falls on week 3 of my order. The order doesn't arrive at their office until Friday. Then they inform me there is a 3 day processing delay. Never mentioned this before. So I ask for them to attempt to resolve this and expedite their portion of the shipping. Here they had a chance to redeem themselves but after waiting for a response from a manager, I hear nothing, and then an email on Tuesday saying the item has shipped and it will be arriving to me by the end of day Saturday, 7/15. That would be a 4.5 week turnaround when I was originally told 2 weeks, then I was told 2 weeks, plus 3 days for processing, then 5 days to ship out to me.

Jul 12, 2017

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