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I am an owner and operator of a small business and decided that I would give DealFind a try.
Definitely a waste of my time. The consultant was pushy and unprofessional. She said that she had 'suggestions' for my deal, but really she was telling me what my deal was going to be. I literally had no say. She wanted to cut my deal price down even lower than what I had originally wanted, and on top of that, she wanted to add an extra service to my deal. It was getting out of control! I was also sent an email with 'details' about my deal that looked like it had been slapped together within seconds. After reviewing the deal that was thrown together for me, (and reading the horrible reviews online about DealFind), I decided that it would be in my best interest to let them know right away that I no longer wished to run a deal with them. In the long run it just wasn't worth it for my business.

I don't normally write reviews, but after reading all of the reviews on here, I decided to share my story to let other small business owners know that they should really think twice before launching a deal with DealFind.


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