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DealExtreme / dx forum moderators shamelessly harassing customers

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I am an old Deal Extreme customer. I bought so many excellent and rare gadgets there, and I would recommend it to everybody.
But, this is archived evidence of how Deal Extreme customers are shamelessly harassed by Deal Extreme Forum moderator while "Waiting for supplier" for items they bought at Deal Extreme:

Is Deal Extreme owner (or anybody else) going to do something about it, particularly referring to Deal Extreme Forum "moderator" nicknamed NUTJOB ?
Complaints I posted to Deal Extreme Forum were promptly removed by its "moderators" NUTJOB and CYCLIST so that Deal Extreme staff members (and owners) could not read it.



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  • Ma
      8th of Nov, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Please, feel free to copy and paste in your browser this URLs
    of saved three Deal Extreme Forum pages I posted in my complaint
    so that you can read it.

  • Ma
      9th of Nov, 2010
    +1 Votes

    What's more, Deal Extreme Forum moderators CYCLIST and LAL keep protecting and supporting this NUTJOB (his nickname) activity not only rude harassing Deal Extreme customers and Deal Extreme Forum users but above all damaging Deal Extreme reputation. They were even deleting my posts and messages addressed to Deal Extreme staff members (Tiffany and others), so that posting complaints to Deal Extreme Forum is like winking to a blind man. That's why I decided to post my complaints here at this Complaints Board not effected by Deal Extreme Forum moderators' arbitrariness and censorship.

  • Ma
      13th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    ----- UPDATE -----
    I decided to wrote a ticket to inform DX staff what was going on in DX Forum
    Deal Extreme call it "DX Customer Service Express" ...
    (DX Reference Number: 882350919CC319E9,
    received 11/9/2010 12:14:56 PM HKT (UTC+8) ).

    The result was so cute; I got the answer:
    "Dear customer, our manager will contact the mod know about it.
    You may take it easy.
    Best regards,

    Best regards to you too, Lina!

    Next day mods deleted all my posts and I was banned from Deal Extreme Forum. (?!)
    Congratulations, Deal Extreme!
    Well managed, and express indeed!


  • Bu
      9th of Sep, 2012
    0 Votes

    Deal Extreme "customer service(?)"
    are bloody ###ed.
    I kept trying to tell this "Mae"
    woman numerous times that dealextreme
    have someone else's account history
    in my log-in.
    But she is so ###ed that she keeps
    asking do I want to cancel that order.
    She refuses to have her boss contact me.
    PLAIN ###ED !!!
    OUTSIDE china.

  • Be
      24th of Mar, 2013
    0 Votes

    I too was banned just because the Mod CYCLIST felt "offended" when I pointed out his horrible spelling and when I posted my concerns about a FRAUDULENT product, a spin-off of the infamous "power balance" bracelets now claiming it helps "blood circulation", yeah right... Their customer service is a complete joke. I opened a ticket complaining about the NAZI CYCLIST and it's still unanswered thus proving the company is backing up their mods attitudes. I'm not sure but I think LAL as well deleted some of my posts - absolutely no violation of the ToU - before I was banned but a post from another user directly insulting me is still there while I never insulted him. Actually I was DEFENDING the company at that time. How ridiculous can it get?

  • Te
      1st of May, 2013
    0 Votes

    I post a complaint about DealExtreme once about how I was threatened because I asked for a refund and how I have filed a Paypal dispute since. It was promptly removed. But that was the last time I will ever buy from them. And mind you, this was a DealExtreme customer since 2009.

  • Ru
      20th of Sep, 2013
    0 Votes

    I got screwed by these guys Also. These guys did not send my order for 48 days and the when I inquired the prolonged it in insisting me to do a ticket and wasted 3 more days. Then 2 days of weekend were wasted. They never contacted me. I again opened a chat and the guy tells me that the shipment has returned back to china. No specific reason He Asked me to again request for a ticket to ask for a refund these Guys are a fraud. If someone is good with computers and blogs please make one so no more Americans get screwed by these Chinese.TO confirm My order number is 130806001056602884 and it was a 231.00 which the screwed me on I am still waiting with PayPal to get my money. I even asked PayPal to take actions against them but it seems like why should Paypal do anything since they are getting their CC processing Fees My fellow Americans don't waste your money on these China duce bags

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