Days Inn 155 Meeting Place Charleston SC / front desk megan, parking, no breakfast at hotel

Never heard of third party, never even told my Hubsand on the phone, till she stated it so rudely Megan
Couldn't use my WC or get any discount, Had to pay in advance for room, with no cancellation we would lose the money if we did.
Paid 14.00 a day for parking never told till we checked in.
Megan has no customer skill was just plain rude. when my Hubsand wanted to ask were is a good place to eat, she told him get in line 3 ahead of him.

All we wanted was directions, & a place to eat.
Have stayed at the Days Inn in Florence SC no problem, staff is friendly etc.
She really ruined our first trip to Charleston SC will not be staying here anymore.
Told Star Director of Operations about her & she knew without even saying her name knew who it was.
She was wonderful at check out very courteous etc.
She wrote complaints down to speak to Megan on all that happened.
I would like a refund or a gift certificate or card that I can use at a different
Days Inn due to her personality & treatment to us.

Ann Marie & RJ

Nov 16, 2017

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