DAWNETTE / Dawn Sawyer aka Dawnette is a stalker and a cyber stalker

1 1490 Mohican Court, Green Bay, WI, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 920-498-2411

Dawn Sawyer aka DAWNETTE is a stalker, cyberstalker, and a cyberbully, She downtalks people on the internet and She criticize people real bad on the internet.She tarnish people on the internet.She is bad for the internet and giving the internet a bad name, like she did me on this website.and posted my name on website under my name Renard Cotton all the information on that website is lies, rumors, false allegations and false allegations about me that is not true.She lies and spreads rumors about people on the internet.She a nut, She's crazy, She's psycho, She's a lunatic, She's belongs in the mental hospital and She needs to be locked up.She's a woman trapped inside a girls body.She acts like she 12 years old.Something bad gonna happen to her if she keeps it up by stalking and cyberstalking the wrong person.She's gonna get thrown in prison if keeps stalking and cyberstalking people on the internet.

Jan 15, 2015

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