David Weekley Homes - Deceptive Trade Practices / unpleasant home buying experience

Huntersville, NC, United States

If there is a negative STAR rating available, I will give them -5*.
Beware… Beware…. Beware!! If you want to deal with a builder who employs unethical, unfair business practices, here you go…David Weekley… Particularly, if you are from out of state or out of country, forget it…you will be discriminated…
I am from Philadelphia (north-east part of the country). My wife and I started searching for our retirement home in Charlotte area in December, 2016. In January, we narrowed down to three builders, one of them was David Weekley in Skybrook, Huntersville, NC. The two others were MI homes across the street and Pulte homes in Fort Mills, SC. The homesite –lot 135, at David Weekley, we were interested in, was not released at that time. Since January, 2017, my wife and I made 4 trips to Charlotte. Every time we stopped by at David Weekley and talked to the sales agent Mandy Noonan with whom we were dealing since December that we are interested in lot 135 and let us know as soon as it is released so that we can sign the contract. During these visits, we also decided on model/floor plan and received quote. Since January, I was in constant touch with the same sales agent, Mandy by e-mails and text messages (at least 30 – I can share if someone is interested) which indicated our interest in lot #135 only and she promised to keep me informed of any development.
In February, we got a call from MI homes that we must finalize the contract if we want to build home in their community. During same period, sales agent from Pulte homes informed of release of new homesites with all information if we were interested to sign the contract. We checked with Mandy, agent of DW on Lot 135 release situation. In one of my early e-mail conversation I indicated to Mandy that she should let her partner know that we have shown interest in Lot #135. She told that it is likely that it will be released in March and I was first on her list for this lot. I was never told that I am on the waiting list. We relied on her words and let go MI Homes as well as Pulte home deals.
On April 9th, we got text from Mandy that lot #135 will be released in a couple of weeks. I planned my trip and informed her that I will be in Charlotte during April 22 thru 25 to finalize and if the lot is released before then, let me know. I drove to Charlotte (540 mile from Philadelphia) on April 21st. On April 21st at 9:27 pm she confirmed that lot #135 is available to sell and meet next day on April 22nd at 10:00am. On April 22nd at 8:09am she texted me that lot #135 is SOLD!!!. Wow, they sold during night when the sales office was closed and kept me in dark throughout the entire process since December, 2016. Had they (DW staff) been open, honest and transparent, we would have signed the contract with other builder whose treatment was much professional, honest and of course much better price for the same or better quality. Now, they (DW) wanted to sell me a different lot, of course with more than 150% increase in price of all options that we had shown interest in. What a greed! They have multiple pricing policy. Depending upon who you are and how deeply you are interested, they will quote the price. I got four different quotes for the same options.
When I called the owner David Weekly to complain, his assistant Paddy told that Mr. Weekley does not talk to clients directly and the Charlotte area manager Mark Gibbs will call to address my concern. Mark did not call. However, Darren Price, Manager in Training (according to their website) for Skybrook project called me on April 28th and assured me that after talking to Mandy he will call me back on May 2nd at 11:15am with what he can do to ease my situation. I am still waiting for Mr. Price’s phone call!!! Shame on their unfair and deceptive trade practices!! Completely opposite from what Mr. Weekley has pledged in David Weekley’s sales brochure!!!
As a follow up, I sent two e-mails to David Weekley. However, no response from him. What can you expect from this builder????? Beware…..Beware…….Beware!!!

Jun 09, 2017

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