Dave & Buster’sservice complaint

Unfortunately my kids love D&B and I probably wold too if the staff wasn't so rude. We go to this location at least once a month for the kids' sake, and there is always a complaint but I never bother. Today, after eating and playing games, we checked out and the kids picked their prizes. For 10 mins I waited while they look for the tag for a stuffed animal. The young man told suggested to the young woman that maybe they should just give it for free because of the wait and there was no way for them to find the correct tag. She told him that it wasn't his call and just to so his job. This young lady came to check me out and said "okay we can't find the tag but I'm sure it's the same price as this other one and we will not give it to you for free." First, second and third of all, I didn't say I wanted anything for free. It's common courtesy and good customer service but I didn't ask for a $0.50 stuffed animal for free. What made it worse was the attitude behind it. I usually don't complain to a manager because they don't do anything anyway. I asked the lady at the front desk for a manager and she had the nerve to interrogate me about why I needed a manager. While waiting to ask her, she was rolling her eyes the entire time while helping other customers, so I knew she wouldn't treat me any differently and boy was I correct. Manager comes after 20 mins and said "okay" after I ended my complaint with "your staff needs customer service training. Okay? How about "I'm sorry for your experience"? No wonder the yelp and google reviews for this location are terrible.

Jul 27, 2018

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