Dave & Buster's / food poisoning for more than 1 person

Hi my name is Perla I have a complaint for myself and members of my group. We went to Dave and busters in Hollywood paid different tabs on Saturday night May 26th ordered food first my steak had a lot of nerve that I couldn't eat it it was too hard to swallow it even if chewed so I only ate what I could. The next day I woke up with twisting pain of cramps, throwing up, diarrhea, headache and fever lasted 19 hours I had to miss work... later in the evening of the 27th another member told me she had same symptoms and got sent home from work the same thing happened to another member of my group. I still haven't reached out to all the group because today I still feel ill. I want to know what you can do for us atleast reimbursable of our meal... my number is [protected]

May 29, 2018

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