Damelin Correspondence CollegeI am paying good money for a service that I just am not getting

I have been trying to get hold of these people for the last two weeks. I have tried to phone the call centre, I have tried to phone the durban branch! There are four different numbers I might add. I either get an engaged tone or no answer!!! This is wasting my time and my money! I need some important material for my exams that are in a month! When I finally got hold of the call centre, I get that recorded voice telling me to push a few numbers and then some music and then bam! NOTHING! I get cut off! I have phoned that line 6 times today alone! This happens every time! I got really fed up and decide to phone Cape Town. Finally someone answered, only to find out that only the call centre can help me?? What? Are you serious? So she gives me the call centre switch board number and a nice enough lady answers. She transfers me to a consultant; I get some music, and then guess what? Nothing! Cut off again!

I am paying good money for a service that I just am not getting! I have never ever had such a problem anywhere in this country ever! What on earth am I paying for? I most definetly will not be using Damelin Correspondence for my next Diploma.


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