Cymax Stores / shipping nightmare

Ordered night stand in late May 2010. Order was cancelled by Cymax after credit card was charged. Eventually shipped product. Product arrived and appeared as though it had been rolled to MN from where ever it came from. Product damage. Cymax ordered replacement, we think, claimed it was delivered in early July, but no delivery notice and was supposedly delivered wile were on vacation. Got credit card company involved. Cymax investigated. Cymax called and agreed to refund our money, cancel relationship. Refunded money promptly. Cymax sent email confirming refund and cancellation. Two weeks later we received an email indicating that a replacement item had been ordered and shipping information would be sent shortly. Responded to email and copied person who had sent cancellation confirmation. Received three emails confirming that order was cancelled and apologizing for mistake. Received email two hours later indicating that another replacement had been ordered. We're done with them. We're not sure if we'll get 0, 1, or 2 night stands in the next few weeks. And we will fight any charges to our credit card from this company.

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