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I ordered and recently received a recliner love seat from Cymax Stores. The love seat was defective which I found out about shortly after delivery. The delivery men had already left.

One side of the love seat wouldn't lock down after reclining I immediately called Cymax and spoke to a specialist. She advised me the defective love seat would be picked up and a new one delivered to me.

About 2 weeks later, I received a large, heavy package from Catnapper (manufacturer). The packing slip said it was the mechanical mechanism for the recliner.

I contacted the specialist again (ReneeL) and asked her when someone was coming by to fix the recliner and denied she had ever told me I would receive a new recliner when I questioned her about that. She said I should contact a handyman to put it together since I am saying I can't do it myself!!

Oh, and I would have to pay for the handyman myself.

I contacted them again today. I spoke with (Nathanial). Renee was too busy to speak with me. I told him to pick up the recliner and the heavy package and return my money.

He said a return specialist would contact me within 24 hours. Another run around, I'm sure. This has been going on for over a month.

This is a sleazy company. I am considering a charge back and putting the merchandize in my garage waiting for them.


I am thinking of doing a charge back.

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      Feb 17, 2009

    I don't know who you are referring to. I recently placed an order with Cymax and yes there were problems with it. I spoke to the customer service agent you spoke with and he was really helpful. He did all he could and more so.

    UPS lost my package and originally Cymax was going to wait for the results of a trace request. I told the nice man I spoke to that I needed it as soon as possible. He was sympathetic and convinced the manufacturer to send out a new one right away. Normally they don't do this but Nathanial really pushed hard for me. In the end I got my product.

    In short, I don't agree with this. It seems like one small isolated incident.

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      Feb 17, 2009

    I spoke with Renee. I remember her. She had a very sweet voice and listened to me even though I pratically yelled at her for 20 mins. After I was done though she was still very helpful and didn't sound angry at me at all. It was very nice to vent and I never got a chance to apologize. She had sent me a tracking number and it got filtered into my spam folder. I yelled at her (which now I'm embarassed about), but once I gave her a chance to speak she not only sent it again but read the tracking number to me on the phone. She was really nice. You shouldn't be angry at people when you are just irritable that you don't like your couch.

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      Mar 16, 2009

    I am so sorry to hear about your experience. It is just awful how this company has treated you. I probably shouldn’t be sharing this information but I have the Vice Presidents of Cymax Online Stores contact information. I would recommend calling her and complaining directly as the call centre staff is extremely unhelpful, especially the agent by the name of Maureen.

    Shima J.
    Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
    Cymax Stores
    Toll Free. [protected] x.103
    Fax. 1-604.629-4708

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