CVS Pharmacynext-to-non-existent customer service

Dutifully phoned ahead to have med ready for pick-up at drive-through window. Drove to store, waited behind 1 car for a few minutes. Driver of car finished transaction within a minute and I drove up to window. Nothing. Nothing some more. After about five minutes, I hit the yellow call button. The same inane "a store associate will be right with you" recording blared over speaker. Nothing, Nothing... I could see into store and watched as 5 people in line at the interior pharm. desk were helped and left. Pushed button again, recording playback but no human being. Store located on a busy road and very time consuming to exit drive-through, park, enter store, otherwise I would have done so at this point. After more than 15 minutes and pushing the damn button several times, the pharmacist, who I have unfortunately dealt with before, came over the intercom. "You need to come into the store, we only have 1 person on." No apology, no please, thank you, etc. Went into store, went directly to pharm., no line, asked for my script.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Wayland, MA The harried clerk was in process of retrieving my med. when I explained fact I had been waiting for close to 20 minutes outside before I was told to come in. Again, no apology, no explanation in response to what I said. I suggested they could, if nobody is available, post a sign to that effect so nobody wastes their time waiting for Godot. He sheepishly told me they can't do that, have tried in the past and "got into trouble". OK, lots of things wrong on multiple levels here but in the spirit of constructive criticism - ALLOW POSTING OF A SIGN; HIRE SUFFICIENT STAFF; INSTALL AN ELECTRNIC MESSAGE BOARD AT WINDOW; or maybe (shocker) THE RUDE PHARMACIST WHO FINALLY CHIMED IN COULD PICK UP THE DAMN PHONE AFTER BEING NOTIFIED 6 TIMES A CUSTUMER IS SITTING OUTSIDE IN THE COLD WAITING TO BE HELPED." As mentioned, pharmacist, female, middle-aged, middle-far eastern/Indian descent, is routinely rude, dismissive in the past so I was not surprised to learn she was apparently the highest level manager in the pharm (not trying to be racially insensitive, only mentioning ethnicity for ID purposes). Store: Wayland, MA, 1/19/17 4:20 pm.

Jan 20, 2017

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