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West Lebanon, NH pharmacy is awful. The customer service is horrid! They are all rude, they talk for 5-10 minutes to each other before approaching you at the counter, like you just got there. The Pharmacist himself is included in this, he tries to impress these young techs with his stories about getting drunk/partying, and sexual innuendo. What a horrible couple of experiences I have had.
Not to mention, they need to give you meds too. Good luck with that if you are a transfer from another pharmacy. I have atrial fibrillation and they would not give me my meds for 48 hrs. Okay, I had 4 left still. 10 days later after calling and being hung up on 3 different times.. going in twice, I got my meds. They acted like I was the one who forgot to actually call and get transfer. Luckily, the ER had some. That is where I ended up thanks to their lack of ability to do their jobs.

Jun 11, 2018
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      Jun 14, 2018

    Yesterday I got a message that ask me If I wanted to refill a prescription. I was unsure which prescription so I called. I told them to refill it an give me what the insurance company would allow. I did not receive a text. I went to the drive through today. A man named Karim waited on me. He said it had not been filled. So, I ask to fill it. He then told me my co-pay was $300. I told him I would not pay that and I wanted the amount the insurance would pay for. He then told me it would be $200. I informed him that I had a prescription fill for 30 a week before and they payed it. He told me I had gotten 4 pills for $19 which was correct I bought them until the insurance would pay for 30 days prescription. He then said I had the wrong insurance in my file. I ask how can that be if I had already had the prescription filled. He would not answer my question. I ask again and again. He said I was screaming. I was angry and frustrated. I was in my car trying to communicate with a man who was not listening to me and every time he responded he was wrong. He walked away and refused to solved the problem. He clearly is a male raised in a culture that suppresses woman and does not allow them expression. If he wasn't such a bumbling fool I would have been satisfied. I sat in the car for 5 minutes until I called the manager. A line was forming behind my car. She immediately took care of my order without confusion but informed me I would have to wait 15 minutes. I parked. and went into the store. One has to wonder if he wasn't trained well enough to read the computer or was he trying to pull something.

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