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My wife went in to pick up a few prescription and to have one canceled on March 7th. Her first encounter was with Pharmacist Assistant. He was rude and condescending. My wife was in tears and sobbing. He next interaction was with the Pharmacist and he was no better. She left in tears vowing never to go back.. Bad choice for Target to switch to CVS in store pharmacy.

She later told me that the assistant was absolutely rude he kept on telling her that her grimmer was incorrect in the context she was using it. This when she was embarrassed by his comment she went to correct herself he would make another snide remark regarding their conversation. At this point she was in tear and the Pharmacist came over but was supporting his assistant. My wife was so distraught she left in tears and had to ask a Target employee if Target had a manager to talk to about the interaction. The Target employee state the CVS was under there own and not Target. This is outrageous and not okay. Something needs to be done. She has had numerous other negative interaction with this same assistant in the past. CVS needs to remove or transfer this person.

Mar 13, 2017

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