CVS Caremark / horrible service

NJ, United States

I had a kidney transplant and therefore take 2 anti-rejection medications. My insurance, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, required me to order both of these medications through CVS Caremark instead of my local pharmacy. I can't stress how crucial to my health both medications are. With that said, this past week will be the THIRD time CVS has not gotten my medication to me in time. I had called two times during the previous week to confirm I would receive the delivery by Friday March 16th. Friday came and went, I never received my medication. I spent a good portion of Saturday March 17th on the phone with the answering service, who was extremely rude and no help at all. There was ‘nothing they could due and my shipment wasn’t due out until Tuesday March 20th so I’d have to wait to take it’ – really? Wait to take my anti-rejection medication that stops my body from rejecting that extremely important organ I was given. And my shipment wasn’t due until Tuesday March 20th now even though I was told both times that I called to confirm I would in fact have it on Friday March 16th. I absolutely hate dealing with this company. The only person that was sympathetic and understood the need was the on call pharmacist; thanks to him I was able to get my medication at a CVS pharmacy. The other past two times they screwed up my shipment, I then too had to scramble to find a pharmacy that would actually have this specialty medication in stock. This is their jobs and they have people’s health and lives in their hands, I can not understand how they are not more responsible. I am doing everything in my power to go through another company for my medications.

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