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Customer Service Safecart / taking of money by default

England, Cheshire, United Kingdom Review updated:
A site mamed "driver Detective" using Safecart to collect
39$ and using Paypal to extract the monies for non existent


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  27th of Oct, 2008
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Product I purchased did not work
  13th of Nov, 2008
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The marketing methods employed by Driver Detective is one step short of those used by Nigerian Scammers in my opinion. For that reason alone, I would refuse to pay them a cent on principal.

Think about it - if they use terrible deceptive methods, like hiding behind 'SafeCart.com" to get your money in the first place, what hope do you have of getting the product, much less good support/service.

"BUYER BEWARE - Driver Detective"
  15th of Nov, 2008
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the same site driver detective and safecart same results, took my paypal 39.90 with no record of my purchase, I filed a paypal claim, wait n see, driver detective says no record of my purchase
  25th of Nov, 2008
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I found the link to driver detective as the top page Google “SPONSORED” link under the search "Toshiba drivers" (even if you’re a criminal pay the money and you’re on the top with Google). Titled Toshiba Drivers Download. The site Toshiba.DriversUpdated.com. You are directed to the official looking sit has Toshiba on the main page. A download button and nice professional looking webpage (wolf in sheep’s clothing). I then downloaded the "free software" believing that it was a Toshiba site and that if it was a Google Sponsored site it had to be ok. Big mistake! The software down loaded and appeared to install and access my pc drivers as promised but in order to update drivers you must register the software at which point you are re-directed to SafeCart.com and you must pay $29.95 with a three year option for an additional $9.95. So here is the kicker nothings free in this world and even if you choose not to pay the price in cash once you’ve uninstall the software your once perfectly running pc is now slow as a snail and even the most simple of tasks like booting up takes forever no doubt due to registry changes that are not removed with un-install. Don't try to contact Google they have no live support or way that I could find in an hour of searching to lodge a complaint against them or a sponsored link and as far as the people at Driver Detective the phone number shown on their site has been disconnected, imagine that. I only hope that you are not reading this because you’re in the same boat as I am and that these comments will save some poor soul form falling victim as I have to our friends at Google and their clients!!!
  26th of May, 2009
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I have the same problem with PCDHQ(Driver Detective download and payment)Since I paid via PayPal and downloaded my computer has gone haywire.I have tried to communicate with PCDHQ to no avail.I will see if I can make a claim for repayment through Safecart/PayPal, let you know if I get anywhere.MOST ANOYED!
  23rd of Jun, 2009
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Hi yes i did a dumb thing and brought a anti-virus from PARETOLOGIC safecart it was a data recovery and now my computer will not start up. All i get is a system error on a black screen, cant even get in to try to fix it good one safecart, haven't got my bank statement to see how much it cost me to have a stuffed computer. Lucky i have a backup. Pete.
  14th of Feb, 2013
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I cannot use this service may I please have a refund I am too old work this . Thankyou. Tom McConnell
  20th of Apr, 2013
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I have received a charge of $220.00 USD (from safecart) on my credit card, but no where can I find exactly WHAT I'm being charged for. My ORDER RECEIPT is ADTS-U170413-22HQA, but the product is neither identified, nor accompanied by a License Key and Installation Instructions. I would very much appreciate clarification and/or explanation of this matter, at your earliest convenience. Thank you very much.

Richard Cartwright
  16th of May, 2013
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I just found a charge on my paypal account for 19, 99 that I do not think is valid. Who are you people and how were you able to charge my account.. This is really not okay and I will let Pay-pal know about it also. How are you able to do this and what did I supposedly buy!!! You people have an enormous amount of complaints!!!

Mary Ryan
El Segundo, CA 90245
  29th of Oct, 2013
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on the 15 and 17 oct this year £30.00 and £38.00pounds to safecart, for the use of PC Cleaner po
which I have not recived for money I cant lose
  9th of Feb, 2014
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You change me 43.94 on the credit card. the order Receipt is PCHB-U014-18cJY.

It is not Installation Instructions. You saying I am not Revered.

  21st of Nov, 2014
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I had safecart to charge me for web site to work on my computer that left me with blue screen and have not been able to use it for a month it would be nice if i could find then to have thim to fix what they messed up
  24th of Nov, 2014
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Hello Joe Dail,

SafeCart is one of the Internet's leading payment processing services. We are sorry to hear of any problems you have encountered with your transaction/purchase, and please understand that we do take your complaint seriously. In regards to your complaint, please contact us at SafeCart, and we will be more than happy to assist you. You can reach our customer service at 1-855-432-0727 (M-F 6am to 5pm PST) or through email at customerservice@safecart.com.
Warm regards,

SafeCart Customer Service
  15th of Apr, 2015
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I can not use this service and have spent quit a lot of money on it with no personal results.can you stop my payments and can I please have a refund for all my suptcrictions!
  15th of Apr, 2015
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I have found service no good for my purpose and would like you to stop my payment and would like to be refunded for all my last payments!¬

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