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Curran Volkswagen / scam and fraud

1 Main St.Stratford, CT, United States Review updated:

They quoted me a price of $250 for servicing my car, when I went to pick it up they asked us what they quoted and then laughed and said it really came out to $900. When I complained to the service manager he did very little, no one called me back as promised so the next day I showed up there to settle the matter. They took me to one of the owners office, who ended up being a real poor businssman. They said they already put a lien on the car, and locked it up and I had two choices to get it released - either pay the bill in full (and in cash) and the car leaves fixed or they can take the new part out and then I would have to pay $600 in labor for a broken car. The real problem for me is that if they had been honest about the repair cost then I would have declined to repair it since it was only to repair a convertible top, not needed to drive the car. I have a working roof now, but it was not worth what I was forced to spend. I walked out of there feeling bullied and I paid under duress. If I did not pay, my car would not be released. I called the VW of America and they were wonderful, they are working with me now to see what can be done. I offered to meet them half way and pay $450 but they would not accept blame for their service departments mistake - instead making the customer pay. The owner with the poor business skills actually said to me that if I had bought the car there or had it serviced before he would have worked with me more. I went there to figure a way for us to negotiate, but I left there feeling completely scammed.

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  • El
      21st of Jul, 2008
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    July 9, 2008

    10853 Lake Thames Drive
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

    Stefan Jacoby
    2200 Ferdinand Porsche Drive
    Herndon, VA 20171

    Dear Mr. Jacoby,

    As a past and current owner of multiple VW's, I find myself ultimately troubled in writing this correspondence. Upon purchasing my 2006 VW GTI w/DSG, I relied upon my past experiences with VW as being part of a family who has owned approximately 4-5 VW's over the past 15 years. To that extent, I was pleased in leasing a GTI for my mother to drive as I relied on the company's great success and automobile craftsmanship. Unfortunately, before my car even reached 10, 000 miles, I had a transmission overhaul much to my surprise. Additionally, around the same time, the GTI shut down which was ultimately due to a coolant system problem after I opened the hood and almost had antifreeze steam out and explode all over my body. While my mother, the primary driver of the vehicle and myself were quite upset that her top of the line GTI was out of service for a major repair, we simultaneously understood that not every single product could be produced full proof and be totally free of problems.

    Recently, around the 20, 000 mile mark, our GTI once again has gone through major problems. The initial problem of the car violently jerking and erroneously shifting between first and second gear had appeared once more. At first, my mother dropped the car off to Kings VW in Loveland, Ohio to have the dealer diagnose and correct the problem. After relaying all of the information to the dealer that the car violently jerks and shakes thus aggravating her herniated disks and post-operative brain surgery condition, the diagnosis of the GTI revealed nothing. Moreover, to our detriment we were left with a $30.00 rental car fee for a problem that not only caused my mother great stress and pain, but also led to our doubt as to whether or not VW was the company we once believed in.

    After not finding any issues with the car or being able to replicate the GTI violently shaking at the dealership, I personally drove the car to the dealership and replicated the problem within ten seconds of driving the car with the service manager accompanying my mother and I. After leaving the car with Kings VW for a diagnosis, the ultimate conclusion was a complete transmission overhaul once again. At this point, my mother and I had completely lost faith in the product we had purchased.

    Upon receiving the GTI from the dealership once again for a second transmission overhaul, I inquired about having a return of my $30.00 rental car fee from the dealer. Ultimately, they denied the request. Thereafter, I expressed my concern to VWoA for not only a $30.00 refund, but another form of remedy to re-establish the fact that there was some sort of customer service behind a product that failed not only once, but twice in regards to a major overhaul. In the end, the customer service representative denied remedying the $30.00 rental car fee we had paid for in addition to denying us a courtesy one month waiver on our lease payment due to going through the trouble of major repairs with this vehicle.

    As a current law student prospectively sitting for the bar examination very soon, I have had my fair amount of contract and warranty law discussion. To that extent, while I understand the provided warranty exists for reasons like this, it does nothing to re-capture my mother's or my own loyalty to VW for future purchases. While speaking to the VWoA representative, I was provided with boilerplate warranty language that did nothing to reclaim my confidence in the car, and on a broader spectrum, the brand. As both you and I know, VWoA relies heavily on repeat customers as VW and its subsidiaries account for a "cult-like" clientele base. Unfortunately, as I write this letter today, I have been let down by a company who I put my money and trust in to over the years as I was planning on doing so for myself and for my children in the future.

    I have not made any phonecalls to VWoA as of recent in order to express my frustration at the quality of craftsmanship or customer service that VWoA has provided. Moreover, to be blunt, I do not know if it is even worth it to pursue legal recourse through Ohio's Lemon Law Codes as I believe it would be easier to have future prospective problems cured through warranty service rather than a legal claim which would not only sacrifice my time, but sacrifice your brand recognition in the court of law. Additionally, it would probably be easier to just take my business elsewhere at the termination of the lease and “call it quits” with having a VW in the future. At this point, all I ask is for something to be done to reclaim a current customer's confidence in your brand. As a business man, you will probably agree that waiving a one month's payment in addition to the return of a $30.00 car rental fee will ultimately prove better than losing "cult-like" customers who would have ultimately re-purchased many more vehicles for themselves and their family in the years to come.

    Respectfully Submitted,

    Alan J. Spivak (lessor)
    Elena Helton (mother and primary driver)

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