Cuisinart / dcc-3200 coffee maker

United States

This unit is in the vicinity of only being 1 month old. From the get-go, the immediately brewed coffee never came out really hot. The longer it stays on the warmer, the colder the coffee is. I just poured my third cup this morning after it had been brewed 1 hour and 48 minutes earlier, and the coffee wasn't even warm at all. I had to microwave it for 60 seconds. Yes, before I brew, I make sure the carafe indicator is on "H". This is extremely annoying! I hope I am doing something wrong! Please advise. Thank you!


Deno Lorenzo


  • Updated by 0007DENO, Sep 15, 2017

    This is B U L L S H I T ! I thought I was filing this complaint DIRECTLY with Cuisinart! Doing it this way all I'm probably going to get is the run around!

Sep 15, 2017

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