CSX Transportationthe noise from train it’s nonsense and my yard from derailing of train

M Oct 21, 2018

I live at 88 Pointe North Dr., and the the train has already derailed in my back yard no compisatition of any kind for like 6 months while y'all cleaned up corn and trucks blocking driveway the yard has completely eroded away due to this process my yard is still in ruins and yet you still park trains behind my house and run motor very loud for hours and sit and blow horn totally nonsense we need a no train horn at Felton and Tennessee st this is [censored], I can't even watch tv so loud, and stop using my back yard as a train yard, which my house is only like 100 ft from tracks come on enough already

CSX Transportation
CSX Transportation

  • Updated by Mike papevies · Oct 22, 2018

    This is every day even though to 2 am sometimes sit there for hours5-6 hours doing the same thing just sitting here running motors loud this has got to stopy

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