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Bill Henthorn agreed to fix my computer, asked me to pay upfront with extra charge to put a rush on it. He had my computer for over 2 months, every time I called him, he made excuses and told me that he will call me back in 20 minutes but never returned my calls. We also went to his store to pick the computer but he would tell us to come back. Finally I told him to give me a time and date, he told me that no one in kelowna will touch my computer and to come by at 1pm. We waited outside his shop for 2 hours and he did not show up and didn't answer our calls until we called from a different number. I told him that I will lodge a complaint against him and his response was anyone can lodge a complaint. And he proved it by complaining to the rcmp that I threatened him. The officer also told us that he has other complaints against him and asked him to return the computer but he refuses to do so.

Mar 31, 2016

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  • Jn
      Jul 07, 2016

    Please see below a letter that ALL parents received from Rutland Youth Soccer Association in regards to Mr. Bill Henthorn on July 6, 2016.


    July 5th 2016,
    To The Members of Rutland Youth Soccer Association,
    On behalf of the RYSA Board of Directors, we need to inform you all our
    members of an incident that has occurred.
    On April 15th 2015, RYSA entered an agreement with Bill Henthorn who is RYSA’s
    Divisional Coordinator and Website Coordinator and also ran the company CRS
    Computers to provide RYSA with a new website for both the league and our Canada
    Day Tournament. The agreed purchase price for both websites was quoted and agreed
    on $4935.00.
    To date, this work has not been completed. The website was contracted out to a 3rd
    party who did not receive the funds given to CSR Computer from RYSA for the website.
    After numerous attempts to rectify this situation with
    CRS Computers, Bill Henthorn, Law for NonProfit, a local law firm and the police we are left with the loss of funds and no new website. We have been told that we can proceed to small claims court, however, it would cost the association more money away from the children. We have decided to not go this route. When the board was informed of what had transpired, Bill
    Henthorn was asked to step down from both of his positions. The RYSA Board is made up of volunteers that put in numerous hours monthly to have a successful program for the kids. We are devastated to be in this situation. We have had a volunteer come forward to design a new site at no cost so fortunately we will still have a new site to launch in the near future.
    It is our responsibility as the board of directors to inform our members when incidents

    I was absolutely sickened to read this!! Not to mention that EVERYONE has a right to know what type of shady business this Bill character runs!! I hope KARMA bites you in the ### hard!!

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  • Ke
      Nov 05, 2016

    Runs a cash only business and runs it poorly. Seems like Bill may have some rooted personal issues that he needs to rectify in order to be a successful business owner. Would not recommend.

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  • Le
      Aug 16, 2017

    I brought my laptop to him in January of 2016 with the problem that it only booted up 50% of the time. After a year (!) of back and forth and lies about when it would be ready I finally got it back in January of 2017 only to find that now my laptop doesn't work at all. He told me it was just missing the drivers and he could fix it quickly. I made the mistake of bringing it back and had to wait another 8 months for a laptop that is completely ruined. Not only that when I opened it up myself at home I found the brand new hard drive that I had bought for almost $200 and installed had been removed and a cheaper hard drive had been put in instead. Completely unprofessional and he ruined what was a great laptop. Don't ever bring your electronics here!!

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  • Ga
      Sep 03, 2017

    Took my computer to Bill and was fixed in no time . Very friendly and affordable

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  • Ch
      Oct 05, 2017

    I had the chance to attend the Shooting for the Stars event for the Breakfast Club of Canada the other night. It was a great evening where over 250, 000 dollars was raised for this worth while cause. But the highlight of the night for me was when Bill and CSR Computers presented this young lady from her school for organizing and implementing the Breakfast program a brand new MacBook Air.
    I was blown away and commended Bill for what he done. He said he didn't do it for the publicity but for the young lady who deserved it. He also said he hopes to do it again next year.
    Very commendable Bill. Thank you for helping out our future leaders of tomorrow. Businesses like these need recognition and to CSR Computers we say thank you.

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  • Lu
      May 10, 2018

    315 Days to be done with this con artist
    I had a brand new Mac Book Pro that had water damage to the battery. I called Bill up to see if he could handle the repair. He very promptly replied "as a matter of fact we can". I dropped off the computer (with full payment of the parts required) on May 26th, 2017. That was the last I saw of my Mac Book Pro. After weeks and months with no replied to my emails, I got creative and contacted his business partner. I then got a response from Bill saying the computer should be ready at the end of the week. After several more weeks of no response, he said that he can't fix my Mac Book Pro, but said that he can get it replaced by a "contact" at Apple. In his email he said "replace it with a fully refurbished one same year and specs as yours". This was back in July, 2017. You can guess what happens next, almost a year goes by with nothing and mind-blowingly terrible communication. I did everything I could think of to try and get my computer back and was starting the process with a lawyer to try and recovery my property. Fast forward to the end of March of 2018, Bill would like to meet at 9:15pm in a gas station parking lot to deliver me my replacement computer. To be completely honest, I didn't think he would show up. I was so suspicious of this guy by this point and uncomfortable that I recorded the entire exchange. He delivered me a computer, I made sure it turned on, at first glance it looked ok, so I was happy that I could be done with this person. Unsurprisingly the the computer delivered was way older then mine Model A1278 circa 2012. Mine was a 2016 Model A1708. The charger I had for my laptop didn't even fit this one delivered by Bill. I do not want to ever deal with anything to do with Bill Henthorn ever again. All I can do is try and tell my story here so others don't make the same mistake that I did.

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  • Kj
      Aug 29, 2018

    I was having trouble with my computer but because of my bad back I cannot get out much so I called CSR.
    Bill came out and serviced my laptop and also out an anti virus on . He also showed me how to play CDs with it as well .
    He was very professional and affordable

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