CSC Logiccar loan sold from amcore bank

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Our car loan was sold from AMCORE bank to this CSC Logic shady operation. We were never even informed by AMCORE that it was sold so went for 2 months paying AMCORE as normal through our bank account. Started getting nasy messages from CSC and never even heard of the company. Why would we pay a bill that didn't state what it was even for? Finally called HARRIS Bank, who bought out AMCORE, and they told us this CSC outfit was the new bank. Never received any paperwork for the transferred loan, payment book, etc. Called several times trying to find out how much is left on loan. Can never get through. Leave messages - no return calls. Got through once, when THEY wanted money. How do we go about finding out how much is left on this loan and pay it off so we can be done with them before they take everyone's money and run to the Bahamas??


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      Aug 19, 2011

    I contacted The Attorney General of Texas.. I too have the same problems. For the past 3 months my payments are late..due to the fact my check is sitting on someones desk for 2 weeks! They have a wed site for complaints. It takes about 3 mins to send..for CSC.. try calling [protected] its automated and has your payoff.. or I totally think this place is a joke! Maybe if enough people complain to the Attr. Gen. something will be done!

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      Dec 09, 2011

    i have the same problem, loan sold by amcore, they are rude and call all the time, my payments were sent to amcore for a couple of months as well and never applied to the account that was transfered and now they want me to pay big fees,

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      Feb 10, 2012

    Same thing happened to me! I think Amcore, Harris should have to take the loans back! Make it right!

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