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I have been a member with crunch since 2011 so 8 years ago. Since then I was paying regularily even if I was busy and not going to exercise. I got accepted in a school and I got busy with it. Then when I tried to go to the gym, they told me that I have no rights of attending classes at the gym or to get a guest in with me. I have been doing both from 8 years ago. They told me that I pay the base 10$ "that I have been always paying" and the gym change their rules. First of all, is it professional that you guys change the rules and keep charging members without telling them? And second my contract that im payin for should include everything not excluding anything, then how come you guys change my contract that I agree to pay for without giving me a notice? This is not professional at all. All the gyms around if they have old members paying whatever money for full benefits they wont change their contract with them or increase their payments because they are considered as old members with a fixed contract. When I signed a payed 8 years ago for full gym benefits they told me my payment and benefits will not change. So what does it mean changing my benefits without notice and not follow what I signed for?
Not professional at all and im talking about profssuonalism because it is my major resposibility in the job im doing
I contacted here because the gym the manager was not there today and to let the coorperate know that its customers are upset

May 29, 2018

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