Crunch Fitness / credit card charges

Good afternoon,

I am escalating this situation that apparently hasn't been handle properly. In the month of October I personally visited the Crunch location in Carrollwood, Tampa, FL to specifically cancel my subscription. The told me that cancellation was successful, however, I was inadvertently charged $19.25 on November the 7th for the month of November which I DID NOT used or even visited the gym since October. I waited until November 15th to see if I received the reimbursement for that amount but unfortunately I did not. I called the gym that same date and I spoke with one of your team members Alexa Carattini. She told me that she sent an email to corporate office and they told her you guys will refund the money to my bank account once ABC Financial releases it. Today's the 22 and I haven't received any refund. I need this issue to be resolved because probably for you guys $19.25 is nothing, but is a money that was debited from my account and it was not supposed to. Also, I would really appreciate NOT to be charged again form the month of December because once again, I canceled the membership since October.

Thanks in advance for your assistance regarding this matter,

Sharon Feliciano

Crunch Fitness

Nov 22, 2017

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