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Everytime i get ready to pay a bill or ask a questions i have major problems. The customer service reps are extremely disrespectful, rude, unknowledgeable about the product, numerous mistakes, unsatisfactory customer service. This is the worst company i have ever dealt with! They refuse to let you speak to supervisors when they have clearly screwed up! This company should be sued and put out of business. I'm so fed up, im going to close my account and I would recommend anyone else to do the same. It shoudn't be this complicated. There is noone to complain to. I will find that answer if i have to get assistance from the BBB! Something needs to be done!

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      Oct 13, 2009

    I am right there with you as well... CRICKET IS AWFUL... in every way possible... I will also be filing a complaint and hope everyone else they screwed over does as well.. THEY should not be allowed to be in business... They refused to give me supervisor information.. President of the company information etc... they told me if I wanted to make a complaint I needed to go to their website and go to support, then customer complaints... I have tried that and NO WHERE do I find a link to customer service or customer complaints... GO FIGURE... They know their business practices are shady and they covered all their bases by lessening the ability of disgruntled customers gettting through.. Somehow I think they new that was ALL they'd be dealing with... IMO...

    In my case, they refused to fix a phone that DIED completely (not a battery issue) after only 36 days of use... The phone was brand new and they refused to replace it due to a teeny tiny scratch on the back(most likely due to a coin or key scratching it). The scratch was maybe 1/16th of an inch and they said it voided the warranty... They called it NORMAL wear and tear... IM SORRY but miniscule cosmetic issues shouldnt VOID a mechanical problem unless it is obvious the phone is dropped or abused... PHones dont just die after 30 days without being defective to begin with. I will be passing my experience on to as many people as I can.. As well as filing a complaint with the BBB and our AG's office... It is ridiculous that they are getting away with this. HOPEFULLY, they will get what they deserve... to go out of business... I called to cancel and asked for a refund as obviously since thier PHONE is a piece of junk, I wouldnt be needing their service as it was only 6 days into the second month when it died... The rep told me I had to call back 24 hrs after cancellation to make a "request" for a refund. I tried calling back and since my phone was no longer in service it would NOT recognize it and would NOT put me through to a HUMAN... Funny how they have that set up too.. because the day I called to cancel i was able to get right through...

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